What is the duty of a soldier? Repost from 2009
by Albert 1

# 1. 10/5/09 8:55 AM by Mark - Greece
I believe, bottom line, a soldier's duty is to see that the policies of his/her country are enforced. Our military today consists mainly of people who agree with this, as they volunteered. In years past, sometimes people who didn't agree were subject to the draft, and those truest to their beliefs either registered as conscientious objectors, or eventually went AWOL or deserted.

Editor's Note: Unfortunately the answer I seek consists of only one word. I suspect it will come from a veteran although some police officers will recognize the same answer.

Perhaps this is a good way to seperate the "patriots" from actual veterans.

Whether ot not someone was a volunteer (I was drafted, discharged and then volunteered) or not the specific duty I'm referring to is actually spelled out legally in a manner I will detail when the answer surfaces.

# 2. 10/5/09 12:50 PM by Mark - Greece
I would have assumed that any honorable reply would receive partial credit. Apparently your professor was a harsh taskmaster. I am sorry to be informed, because it wasn't the one-word answer you were seeking, that my service and millions of others' who probably wouldn't come up with it, was meaningless. But I do applaud you for serving for the right reason.

Editor's Note: You dont realize that you knew the answer and in fact mentioned it.

Have you ever heard someone tell a veteran "thank you for your SERVICE?

WE all served. Most of course seved the cause of freedom but not all some soldiers like those in Germany and Japan did not but they still served. The patches on many police officers say "To protect and serve"

Your SERVICE had meaning. All who served had meaning. It was their duty.

I know of some from families with a tradition of military service who did not serve. They recognize and understand those who had the duty to and for many the duty was far from voluntary.

# 3. 10/5/09 8:24 PM by Mark - Greece
At the Applefest this weekend I made a point of shaking the hands of, and thanking the 3 Army E.M explaining their equipment to the crowd. And in the recent past I, and others I know of, have picked up the tab for a serviceman eating in a restaurant. They get paid peanuts for the dangers they face, it's a small payback in the long run. It's nice to lay the politics and barbs aside once in a while, and find some common ground.

Editor's Note: When we realize that they are serving rather than making policy it's not hard to see them in a good light as doing their duty of serving the Country and Flag. When we have problems with what the military is doing we need to recognize it it only serves at the pleasure of the President and Congress who we can vote for.

Even though I Am only a veteran it felt good when a local restaurant bought my breakfast on Veteran's Day.

# 4. 10/6/09 2:42 PM by BF

Editor's Note: service is still#1

# 5. 5/30/16 6:58 AM by 104
Same as the Police - Serve and Protect!

Editor's Note: Sometimes further reduced to just 'service'' thanx 104

# 6. 5/30/16 10:22 AM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif The majority of people seem to like the line,

"YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" as a memorable moment in time...

But it is not that simple...

Yet I believe, many people miss the subtle moral message in the movie, "A FEW GOOD MEN"""... it is not just about following orders to serve...

"We were supposed to fight, for people,

who couldn't fight for themselves..."


Editor's Note: That of course is the ''PROTECT'' that 104 mentioned.

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