The Tower - a repost for all
by Albert 1

# 1. 12/21/12 12:36 AM by mk
I could answer each of these columns, but I don't have time to follow up. If I choose to answer, maybe one answer is all I have time to offer. Please don't see my silence as a snub. Its just that I have committed my time elsewhere and I have a lot of cooking, wrapping and video work to finish.

Editor's Note: I know of your problem with a lack of energy due to the MS so be assured that I will not criticize YOU for "sitting on your hands"

In fact when I do receive a comment from you it has extra meaning since I know you had to deal with that health problem in order to respond.

A note to share with you as a fellow consumer of CoQ 10: I have been using Ubiquinol for quite a while despite it's extra cost.

Recently I began seeng ads for "Quinol". I purchased some at Walmart, noticing it's exceptionally low price. I only hope now that it lives up to the reputation that Ubiquinol has established.

# 2. 12/21/12 8:22 AM by mk
Its not my health.. .one of my kids had surgery and needs some extra help, another is about ready to have a baby- and even though she doesn't want help, dang it- she needs help!

There's wrapping and a little bit of finishing up for the Holidays and then all the cooking for Christmas. I try to keep things simple, nothing simple about this year. However most of the shopping and wrapping are done. One more trip to the post office!

Editor's Note: It's the season to be jolly, I guess? Looks like you have a full bucket of jobs to do. Thanks for taking time away from it to comment here.

# 3. 12/21/12 7:56 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I must return again to the Silence within where I once dwelled.

Profound piece of mind, in peace with honor... I am a little too weary tonight, but will revisit tomorrow...

Thank you for being just who you are, where you are, and what you say...

You do know something very real that the other writers have only seen in digital format...

and thus to them I AM not real???

(just kiddin'; but it works good on a tangential perspective...)

Editor's Note: Popeye used to say "I am what I ram"(sic). In the cartoon movies back in the day.

# 4. 1/31/13 5:41 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Thanx for the repost. I did a quick google and found it on Wikipedia... My first thought was the story of a defenestrated Jezebel and then a little Rumpelstilskin, bu the final image I saw was the end of the movie "The Fisher King..." with Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges, where a shock jock radio host causes the death of another man's innocent wife, and plunges him into a catatonic state of unbelievable torment...and I don't want to spoil the plot of the movie if you've never seen it...soooo...I'll just figure out a different way...

Editor's Note: The great advantage of the Tarot cards is the flexibility of interpretation. They serve as a mirror on the subconscious.

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