Softly Works the Dark Angel
by Albert 1

# 1. 6/7/09 7:16 PM by deep water - Lake Oneipeein

Seems to be a recent infatuation on this site with death and the after life etc.

Editor's Note: I wondered how many would get the scene since I made it a little obscure. Thanks

# 2. 6/8/09 1:16 PM by BF
Good poem, Albert!

The allusion is not so obscure as you may think.

One good yardstick by which to judge poetry is how much it allows us to see something in a new light.

I think you've succeeded here.

Editor's Note: The basic theme is clear to most but a few details are referenced to two specific situations that hopefully are not to occur in the near future.

And no not something I would choose to playguessung games with.

Eventually those two themes will be guven seperate poems that will then make their relevance quite clear..

# 3. 6/14/10 10:40 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif Thank you for reposting. This is inspiring. I especially "get" these four lines. Like Ben Casey's prologue, MAN, WOMAN, LIFE, DEATH, INFINITY. Symbolic entities of the universal whole.

Thanx John

Though one remains still he knows the score
Yes all will be one yes all ever more
No East versus West No up over down
No sadness to wear and never a frown

Editor's Note: Emptions are oceans John, WE have a choice to try to sink or swim in them.

Some drown. Please keep your head above water.

# 4. 6/14/10 1:29 PM by Eileen

Editor's Note: It comes for us all Eileen For some it is a great struggle. I was able to witness a passing of each of my parents that suited their needs and circumstance well.

My sypmapthies to you in your your experience . My heart was with you as was my knowledge that you will be able to see the passing in the greater scheme of things once the grief of seperation begins to wane.

# 5. 6/15/10 10:34 PM by ME - NY
thumbsup.gif Very good! Like it very muchly.

Editor's Note: I wonder where you learned that last word since it isn't in the doctionary.

You havent been hanging around with someone who has been teaching you bad habits have you :=)

Since I couldn't find "muchly" in a dictionary. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and consider it a typo.

All kidding aside M.E. I thank you for the comment.

# 6. 7/27/10 7:11 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif Thanx for reposting. I enjoyed reading this again.

I am still hanging in there.

Editor's Note: Your perspective has been helpful to my own writing. Keep on cranking out the good stuff. I may not respond to all of it but have tried to read it all.

# 7. 7/27/10 4:30 PM by Marilyn
thumbsup.gif Thanks Albert.

Editor's Note: your welcome Marilyn.

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