Further thought on the Tao Te Ching --Religion or Philosophy?
by Albert 1

# 1. 5/16/09 10:11 AM by Happy
Religion has to include worship.

Editor's Note: No it does not

# 2. 5/16/09 1:37 PM by Jim - Rochester
Organized Religion always includes an "offering"

Editor's Note: Ah yes, "organized religion". Not Albert 1's cup of tea although if others prefer that type then it's their right.

For a definition of religion in general I suggest a comprehensive dictionary. As a mystic I do not "worship" I know it is common practice in most religions but definitely not all.

BTW meditation is not "worship"

# 3. 4/9/10 7:32 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif Capital Punishment???
Justice??? or VENGEANCE???
RETRIBUTION??? or fear???
A debt to a society of WHAT KIND OF HUMAN NATURE???
a mutated and ruthless and cruel justice, is not justice; it is barbaric vengeance for vengeance sake. and it feeds off of its own hatred for itself.???

Why so many human beings have been SEVERELY PUNISHED for the overreached justification of literal misinterpretations of any holy book in any language, is a conundrum for any human being of empathy.

A religious INQUISITION in any language is still an inquisition.(of inherent bias)

A persons Faith does not have to be "organized" to be valid or free. A persons beliefs do not have to conform to any oppressor's point of view. A person has a free will so that they can search for their own truth and not be subjugated to anyone's truth, which may be different, or even hypocritical at times...

Thanx John

just musin'

p.s. Maybe I need to rewrite this at some time in a question format for effect. It might make a good column.

Does a person have to belong to an organized religion, "TO BE" part of the Human Race???
Does a person need to "BELONG" to any dogma or stereotype of righteousness to be part of the human race or humanity???

Editor's Note: You are touching on the edge of a good description of mysticism.

# 4. 4/11/16 7:21 AM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif Thanx for reposting...

I needed to scrape and paste my comment from 2010 to ruminate on it for a bit...

Philosophy to me is the only answer to the militancy of religion of zealots...

Editor's Note: Zelotry: Anybody see a Bernieite lately?

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