Choices and Absolutes
by Albert 1

# 1. 10/9/08 5:37 AM by BF
Was the Community Chest the forerunner of the United Way?

Giving to the United Way through work one can specify the charity the money goes to (there is a list) or one can donate to a general fund.

In any event, I prefer to give directly to the charity I choose. Why deal with the middle man?

Editor's Note: Yes CC preceeded United Way.

I knew about the option and deliberately omitted it to see who was reading carefully.

I used to specify certain charities and omit others.

By eliminating the middle man a small amount can be spread around to many. That small amount if given individually wouldnt seem like much.

Also there are good organizations we just are ignorant of so United Way helps vet the deserving (they do audits) and eliminate those that are poorly run.

# 2. 4/26/16 7:42 AM by Mark - Greece
My last few years at Kodak, the option was available, and I started using it. It was, however, merely a feel-good gesture, as UW had already predetermined what was going where, so 'your' donation still came out of the same collective pot, and they got no more than they would have elsewise.. The yellow box took pride in how much it was able to coerce from its management and employees, and didn't look favorably when myself and others opted out and sent checks directly to our choice.

Editor's Note: If enough donors selected or rejected a certain charity the Board of Directors would have to react to that message and adjust distribution allocations to reflect that significant feedback. You are correct that the action of one or two contributors has little effect on what a single chatrity might receive.

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