Personal Reality-Symbolism series #2
by Albert 1

# 1. 9/27/08 12:37 PM by Jay - OR
Fun! Please note that I'm following closely.

First an issue: You mention the symbolism of the cross. I think you imply that there are a plethora of possibilities. My personal opinion is that much too often we "beings" are looking for symbolism, when simplicity may be better. A form of Occam's razor?

Second: Perhaps I've not mentioned that I dabble in executive/leadership coaching. Many of the models used--some that I use--consist of either a cross or an X. Very useful.

Please don't take either of the above as criticisms. They aren't disagreements.

Editor's Note: I dont take them as criticisims but rather intelligent observations and mentions. Occams razor works for me most of the time but I also know that much can be said for going beyond its concept.

The Christian Mysticism I was taught laid a foundation that some interesting conclusions are based on. Note well that I'M not just repeating Rosicrucian Doctrine here although I know of its significance as a factor in what I have come up with . As a working hypothesis it seems to be pretty good for me.

# 2. 8/31/13 8:08 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Life is a cylinder, half full of it, and half empty of a vacuum...Personal reality is determined at what level the liquid in the cylinder maintains in its quest to reach it's own stable level, plus the meniscus and and its concavity or inverted convexity of a slight distortion around the edges or fringe as it were...

The graduated cylinders of life at all different levels responding with different sounds and tones when wind/ air is passed over them...

All you gotta do is whistle...

"Spock? Why that look?"

Editor's Note: Someday I'll present one of the structure I conceived of many levels and many rooms per level. Some floor/ceilings are transparent. Some are one way mirrors. Much more but you get the idea

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