21st Century Wizadry
by Albert 1

# 1. 9/18/08 5:45 AM by BF
Medicine is both science and art, as are many things.

And until people can produce computers that incorporate more elements of the higher-level thinking skills, according to Bloom's Taxonomy (the one of which I am most familiar), humans will not be replaced by computers.

Editor's Note: Totally correct however the advances in medicine have been responsible in a large part due to the ability of computers to correlate data.

Medicine now is become a single well integrated system due to the internaet and international cooperation.

My optician who I visited last week was so excited at what computerized records plus the beginning of artificial intelligence is doing to transform medicine.

The present state of medicine is an obvious synergistic team of human and computer.

There still is much work to be done with the philosophy of healing and a need to avoid news reports of brain dead people being involuntarily sustained on life support.

The inaccessability for many who cant afford it to the advanced technology which could save lives is still a problem.

The reaserch is going well but I wonder if funding is still a major factor in the rate of progress.

Thanks BF as I know you have connections in this area which enables you to access some of the information on the state of this progress.

# 2. 9/18/08 8:07 AM by BF
The synergy is definitely in place, and it is exciting.

Think of the advances in medicine that have occurred in just our lifetimes.

I feel fortunate to have been among the first (within the decade) to not ever have to worry about polio.

That must have scared the daylights out of parents, including my own.

Just last week I heard of a "new" invention at Johns Hopkins for people with chronic severe back pain where small electrodes are implanted in one's back, and the person wears a small transmitter, much like an insulin pump.

When the back pain becomes unbearable, the person pushes the button, the electrodes excite, and the pain is relieved.

Cool beans!!

Editor's Note: That is nothing more than acupuncture as it has evolved in the twenty firdt century. Of course it also requires minor surgery.

The government and medicine still seem lacking in foresight when they admit not being prepared to handle a natural or human caused epidemic of smallpox or flu.

A frind of mine in a Toronto suburb had a neighbor die of SARS.

Canada actually handled the epidemic quite well.

Back to wizadry and traditional medicine I recall a virus outbreak in the 1950's that had some unpleasant but not particularly dangerous side effects.

One older lady in our village had an old commercial remedy which was found to alleviate the sumptoms better than any prescribed drug the Dr was dispensing.

Sometimes the old is discarded too quickly in favor of new and profitable drugs..

# 3. 9/18/08 9:09 AM by BF
I agree with you on that point.

Editor's Note: Agreement is good, thank you!

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