From Valledolmo and Ciarda to Livonia- five stars shone proudly
by Albert 1

# 1. 4/19/14 10:37 PM by Louise Vallone
thumbsup.gif Chip and Charlotte's youngest son Clifford served his country in the USAF for 10yrs. Bud West's son also served in the US Navy carrying on a proud commitment to service.

Editor's Note: We Vallones have a great tradition of service to Flag and Country. Thank you for the added information.

At this time I seem to be the oldest descendant of Antonio and Christina who bears the Vallone name.

I Am involved in a work in progress of our family tree.

Be sure to send me an E Mail (found in my Bio here) and I will add you to a list for updates to our family genealogy.

# 2. 5/9/16 10:59 AM by 104
My grandparents were immigrants too. Somehow, the immigrants today seem different. Nowadays they open up neighborhood Bodegas to rip off the poor by charging $4 for a loaf of bread and participate in food stamp fraud. And 90% of them go on welfare immediately.

Editor's Note: That always occurred with a certain percentage of immigrants way back when English speaking Irish held the post now occupied by Mafia..

The actors change, the Play's the same.

my father's Sicilian neighbors loved welfare but the rest of the villagers Sicilian population was too proud to take it.

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