Idealism and practicality Updated for Lovely Warren
by Albert 1

# 1. 1/10/13 1:50 PM by Jay - OR
To boil it down to as few words as I seem capable: BHO's pragmatism (which I acknowledge) has thus far resulted in manifesting an idealism that is much closer to yours than to mine.

Editor's Note: That is something we can agree upon one hundred percent. My idealism however is not one I picked out of thin air. My late friend recognized a pragmatism in me I was unaware of until much introspection. That gentleman was a Finnish born and raised person who arrived in America as an adult where he subsequently built a successful contracting business.

His philosophy would have been classified as moderately conservative.

What I finally realized with my self is that the initial idealism had been purified by a test of practicality that included a large portion of patience and persistance.

# 2. 9/13/13 5:10 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I have seen both idealism and practicality, LOSE, the fight on drugs, poverty, and terror, with a definite loss of freedom and liberty for all, let alone justice for those who can not afford the masters of doctored law...

I feel that stupidity has ruled the many days of impracticality for most American Citizens...

Stupid Is as Stupid Does, no matter who is in the BIG house???

Thank you for the food for thought. As far as Lovely is concerned, I will let time unfold the realities of that episode of Rochester's history...

Editor's Note: A poor understanding of basic psychology explains a lot of it..

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