Plastic eaters headed for extinction -updated
by Albert 1

# 1. 8/19/08 2:29 PM by BF
Yet another reason why breast is best.

Editor's Note: I have been told that was how I was raised.

# 2. 8/19/08 2:43 PM by Hawkeye - East Rochester, NY
So let me see if I understand this. The people who are warning us of the hidden dangers from using plastic anythings (no distinctions made between the hundreds of different TYPES of plastics) are the SAME ones who pushed to be sure it was a LAW that we all use light bulbs with LONG PROVEN LETHAL mercury vapor lurking inside?

Is there no common sense in ANY of the environmentalists any more? Are they ALL insane? Why do morons keep falling for their piffle? Why do elected representatives go along with this lunacy. Oh wait! I did say morons, didn't I?

Editor's Note: I think you may br stretching things more than a bit to support the neocon agenda.

The only thing that has been proven so far concerns the leaching of a specific chemical fron the hard clear plastic used in beverage bottles specificly the ones for infant formula.

I think the news is that the industry is gearing up to deal with this problem. I make no claims as to how toxic other plastics may be but if they change the taste of he liquid they contain I would expect something is going on.

# 3. 8/19/08 2:46 PM by Mr Mojo - the other side
my mother never breast fed me....she said she liked me as a friend.

Editor's Note: ?

# 4. 8/19/08 7:32 PM by lon bonsberry
i just saw a report in the last couple of days that the FDA(? i think that was the agency involved) has determined that these plastic bottles are NOT harmful. we have several of these that we use and we plan to keep using them. what the hell, whether they are "bad" for you or not, something else will come along next month. life's too short, albert ,,, know what i mean?

Editor's Note: Since beginning to use glass i have enjoyed the slightly less plastic flavor. I have a set of Canada Dry mini glass bottles that I refill from one liter french or italian mineral water sold by the liter.

# 5. 8/19/08 8:17 PM by Hawkeye - East Rochester, NY
"I think you may br stretching things more than a bit to support the neocon agenda."

I take offense from that statement.

A) I do not follow or promote a 'neocon' or for that matter, any specific agenda.

B) You may want to define what you (YOU) consider a neocon agenda to be in the first place.

C) I am absolutely NOT a neocon myself. I have never been a liberal to have converted to a 'neocon' and furthermore, I ain't NEO NOTHIN'!

I've been a staunch conservative since the day I got drafted back in '69, and I leaned that way long before that. My parents were blue collar democrats and I had to go against that as a matter of principal. That's how things were back then. It was my job, and expected of me.

Editor's Note: AS one SC judge said you know it when you see it.

Another apt aphorism begins "If it walks like a duck."

I have written on the difference and of the penchant of Neocons claiming to be Conservatives.

The old blue collar democrats actually had some of the values that attracted them to Regan. They had become disenchanted with the Liberal wing of the party.

The Neocons and their agenda has been well defined in large dictionarys plus Wikipedia.

You might notice that the Conservatives jumped off the Bush ship first and now many of the Neocons have followed suit.

I'm not the one to define the words, the dictionaries are.

Or perhaps you do disagree with Richard Pearl,Newt Gingrich and William Crystal.Limbaugh, Savage etc.

True conservatism has almost died out , William Buckley being one of the last.

The Conservatives read National Review, the Neocons think is its too Liberal.

If you do see the difference and still feel qualified to be more in the conservative camp you have my Mea Culpa

# 6. 8/19/08 9:22 PM by Hawkeye - East Rochester, NY
I have a subscription to, and read National Review.

Editor's Note: I find it to usually be a good source. It balances off "The Nation" quite well.. How about "Human Events" or the "American Spectator"?

# 7. 8/20/08 8:15 AM by Sharon - Chili, NY
Quite a while ago I read that plastic bottles with the number 7 in the triangle on the bottom were the bad ones. I have one. I stopped using it. But I still have it. I wonder if the same number is on the baby bottles. Or are the parents panicking for no reason.

Actually I think bottled water should be banned. Nothing wrong with tap water. And what is wrong with jut buying a nice water bottle and filling it from the tap before going somewhere. Think how much money people can save.

I think, but am not 100% sure, that Las Vegas banned bottled water. I could be wrong.

Editor's Note: Are you the same type person as my father was who thought all beers taste the same.

I can usually distinguish tap water that has been treated from real spring water. I know I have an expensive taste but I can afford myself.

I've usually been able to show demonsrraters at our county fair that there is a difference.

# 8. 8/20/08 9:36 PM by TOV
I recently replaced my plastic traveling coffee mug with a real coffee mug. Can't tell the difference in taste but the real mug is a heck of a lot heavier.

Editor's Note: My favorite coffee mug is an extremely heavy real stoneware German beer stien. Not one of those decorative things with the metal flapping lid.

# 9. 8/21/08 4:49 AM by BF
Re "My favorite coffee mug is an extremely heavy real stoneware German beer stien."

. . .and this is why your right bicep is twice the size of your left. :-)

Editor's Note: Didn't you know I was a two fisted drinker?.. Don't tell me you haven't seen a drinking mug with two handles.

Balance, always strive for balance.

# 10. 2/22/15 7:15 AM by Tony P
Yo Albert-

Glad we settled this BPA thing since 2008!

Now our gonads won't shrivel and we may go forth and prosper.

Speaking of Avon Tops...

I prefer this store much over the Leroy Tops as I HATE to use the self-checkouts. I feel as if I am doing part of their job and saving them $$$$ I should get a discount. HOWEVER such is not the case. Inadvertently place an item or two into yer bag without the proper scan and they will descend on you with the force of God!!! Not my fault donuts don't have barcodes!


Editor's Note: If they ever descended on me I would have a friend making a video and use it to sue for damages for unnecessarily embarrassing me.

# 11. 2/22/15 10:11 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I insist on the vegetarian plastic made from 100% extinct plant extract.

# 12. 3/1/15 4:17 PM by BF
In reading these comments I saw one written by TOV and was reminded of his untimely passing.

He brought his vast intellect into the fray that often is a characteristic of WOTL and added his unique and knowledgeable voice to the debate.

I miss him and his perspective. Requiescat in pacem.

Editor's Note: Mary and I attended his wake in Webster where I met his wife and fellow co-workers. She remembered me and him writing comments to each others columns.

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