Michael Savage unmasked-from 2008
by Albert 1

# 1. 7/23/08 12:32 PM by Michael Richard
This column is lame. Take some kind of a position. We all know how to google, Albert.

Editor's Note: Wasamatta you don't like me being complementary to him? Perhaps I don't fit in that box you see me in. I think his acedemics are very worthy of mention which btw IS a "position".

# 2. 7/23/08 12:34 PM by AC
I've listened to him quite a bit and I'll tell you the guy is brilliant and entertaining. He villifies liberals but if you can get by that the show is very entertaining.

He went beyond a line (apparently) of decency because he's brought the ire of the world down on himself and sponsors are beginning to jump ship. He brought up an important point about how our children are being overdiagnosed and drugged but he did it in his usual abrasive vile manner. It's a damn shame too because I love the show and he's filled with a lot of useful information. The hate filled rants will be his undoing though.

BTW, he's called liberals every name under the sun yet I still listen to him although I don't agree with his take on things like gays and religion. Are we all becoming to thin skinned?

Editor's Note: You almost fit the definition of a masochist.(just kidding) That's why I prefer not to listen to him.

I have an extensive background and training in alternative medicine but far below the level of his credits.

I wouldnt be surprised if I agreed with Savage more than I do with Edell when it comes to public medicine and health.

I can understand that a show where he focused on health wouldn't draw the numbers that commercial radio demands.

# 3. 7/23/08 2:10 PM by Michael Richard
We ALL know his educational background. He tells us about it all the time. The guy definitely has a touch of genius. He gets carried away sometimes, but that's part-and-parcel of his genius. If we were to silence his excesses, then we would miss out on the many great points that he makes and the many great issues that he raises.

Editor's Note: "We all"???? Apparently you don't know what Tonto told the Lone Ranger before an imminent ambush.

# 4. 7/23/08 2:16 PM by Brett - Largo, Fl
I don't listen to him often because of the time he is on the air here in the Tampa Bay area, but I have heard him reference his PHD in medicine numerous times. One time he was talking about medicine and how it comes from plants, and some time he spent in exotic places doing research. He is a very entertaining man to listen to, if you can get past the politics. Sometimes he goes off on a rant and it's a shame, because it makes him sound a lot less brilliant than he actually is. It's like he's smart, but has emotional issues or something.

Editor's Note: You definitely nailed the emotional issue bit.

I doubt if his rants are a put on. However they sure do appeal to a significant audience.

At night he usually can be found on many AM radio stations across the country..

# 5. 7/23/08 2:43 PM by Peter
thumbsup.gif Albert,

There are a few things that make Savage objectionable to others.

1)He comes from NYC, Da Bronx and Brooklyn. I can relate to this since I also come from NYC and the surrounding area but have lived in Rochester for the past 25 years. In NYC you have got to be out spoken, tough, forward and say it as it is to live there!

You people from Rochester think your tough; Savage and I, (if we wanted to) can chew you up and spit you out!

2)He resents the left standing liberals and all its excrement values that have no base or moral guideline as to what is right or wrong.

I don’t agree with everything Savage states but he is on the Mark as to where liberals stand, which is something akin to weeds blowing in the wind.

He must really love the City of San Francisco to live with the vermin that occupies that area.

Get past the leather exterior of Savage and listen to what he has to say!

You just may learn something?

Editor's Note: To repeat, I dont have the masochistic urge that must require.

# 6. 7/23/08 2:51 PM by AC
"I doubt if his rants are a put on. However they sure do appeal to a significant audience."

Sometimes he goes so far off the beaten path it's unbeleivable and very funny. He rants a lot about the lousy service he's recieved in Restaurants. Last week it was the people who cleaned the interior of his car and left an odd odor on his custom leather seats that he can't get rid of. The rants are usually borderline twilight zone and very volatile but that's what makes it so entertaining.

Editor's Note: To each their own.

I wonder if a philosophical mirror image of him might exist somewhere on the Left.

Of all the personalities I can think of none do.

# 7. 7/23/08 3:27 PM by BF
I'm with you, Albert.

For me, life's too short to spend it listening to someone harboring so much negativity and anger.

Besides, I get a full-day's dose right here on ol' WOTL from the "Savage Wanna-be"s.

Editor's Note: Fortunately they don't have the creds that I find fascinating with Savage. If they did I'd feel worse by not reading ever single rant.

# 8. 7/23/08 6:11 PM by lon bonsberry
i rarely listen to this clown. the last time i listened for any length of time was on our trip to the hill cumorah pageant last week.

after listening to him carrying on about the proposed bailout of 'fannie mae' and 'freddy mae', and repeating 'freddy mae' over and over (it's 'freddy mac', of course), i confirmed my previous opinion from listening to him periodically: he's a pretty dim bulb ,,, but i can certainly understand his appeal to the 'bitter clingers' and 'angry white men', like some of those writing on WOTL, for example

Editor's Note: Unfortunately that "dim bulb" also has the truely bright side I have mentioned.

Too bad his emotional problems and lust for financial success results in the type program he presents.

# 9. 7/23/08 10:04 PM by White Man Talking
Dr. Savage is brilliant and I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised that I would write him in at least as McCain's VP. You should listen to him, you will learn the other side to things. I read the liberal papers, I watch CNN, I listen to NPR AND I listen to "Black Talk Radio" when I'm NYC and Washington. There's some scary stuff there, dumbest fools on the planet are on black radio! They make Larry King interesting

Editor's Note: Savage for VP, Isreal would love it.

If you think Black radio has the dumbest fools for an audience then you have mised another genre which I will not specify lest a rather large segament of the radio audience gets offended.

I don't think you need try very hard to figure out who.

# 10. 7/24/08 1:08 PM by Michael Richard
You're talking out of your butt a bit regarding Savage on Israel. Like many of us, he wants Israel to fight its own battles--like they did in 1967. His position is that, with all the equipment we have given them, if they won't fight their own battles, then they don't deserve to survive. I agree. They have the military to fight their own damned battles. They are not part of the USA, so, like an old dingleberry, it's time for them to get off our butt. Israel used to be impressive; now it is pathetic.

Editor's Note: You and I have heard him on different occasions The occasion which impressed me had him staunchly defending it to the degree that they could do no wrong. Perhaps he took that position on that day just to undercut the caller he was arguing with.

My own position on them is that they have become occupiers who think they are superior in social development.

Ill never forget a round table discussion I observed long ago where the Isreali woman didn't hide her contempt for the Muslims she was debating and the arrogant superiority of her own side..

The tone of her speaking was very denigrating causing her presence to be felt as a threat.

# 11. 1/5/17 10:57 PM by Mark - Greece
Savage is a bit like Trump. He says things that most others won't say on air. To say the least, he is bombastic, and rails about the same things The Donald does, only more brazenly. This is about half his show. He does spend considerable time talking about cooking, books, and favorite countries in the world, and their cultures, and the demise of 'good' music. Unfortunately, for those not of like political mind, it is tedious waiting for the non-political and informative info.

Editor's Note: if someone who reads this hasent heard Savage on the radio especially before the election they may not know how strongly Savage supports Trump even whil alienating the Neoconservative element within the GOP. As I have written Savage calls Liberalism a mental disease but neglects to mention Neoconservatism except for lately as he knocks it as much as he knocks Liberals.. The real extreme idealogues especially the far Right Christian element do not like or trust Trump. The Ted Cruz and Anton Scalia wing of the party wanted a social conservative government that I consider little different than the Islamists wanting Sharia instead of Constitutional Democracy. Scalia is gone now and Trump made quick work of the social conservatives in the Primary. Now lets see if he rules as a social liberal or moderate or if he kowtows to the Christian Conservative Right. Savage is in a good position to continue to support Trump with his followers blessing. The results will be interesting.

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