overtme for angels three-repost
by Albert 1

# 1. 6/23/03 8:52 AM by Eileen
I believe with all my heart that we have Guardian Angels that walk beside us, and that our relatives who have passed over are also watching close by. I, too, have had numerous ocassions where I could have been in peril where I have walked away unharmed. Someone has ALWAYS had their hand on my shoulder, or whispered in my ear to don't do that, or don't go there, or stand right here for just a moment longer.

I have always listened, never doubted and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Some may call it intuition or fate, but I call it the Divine Intervention.

Editor's Note: The only difference with me is the voice does not seem separate from the rest of thought but it is always clear what to do WHEN I listen.

# 2. 6/23/03 12:41 PM by lana
i hear and heed the voice of Divine Intervention whenever it is present. you really have to be listening though. it is a soft voice, not harsh, not dictating but suggesting...

Editor's Note: that lana is something very much tailored to the individual

as I evolve I may experience it with sound-at the present it is wordless thought.

I think the main clue is to either ask or remember to "listen" at that point will can be linked up with action. AS long as will focuses attention ego is stymied. Ego will attempt distraction. That is it in a nutshell

# 3. 11/10/06 10:04 AM by mk
If someone had the truth and wanted to share it with you about the still small voice... Would you want to believe?

Editor's Note: I would not doubt their sincerity.

# 4. 11/10/06 10:08 AM by mk

Editor's Note: there are two more to come eventually

# 5. 11/11/06 12:35 AM by mk
Would you doubt their sincerity because you believe no one to really know the truth?

If I understand it correctly- that is what you are saying: NO one can see the whole elephant.

Editor's Note: Actually it is only the blind who can't see the whole elephant.

The blind men illustrate humans with some ability to percieve via the sense of touch.

There are levels of consciousness.

A few humans have had the gift of a raised consciousness.

A term often mentioned is Cosmic Consciousness. I refer you to a book by Dr Richard Maurice Buck.

When I was qualifying my answer with the word sincere I was indicating that one may believe in their own mind that they are percieving Truth but in actuality what is taken for Truth can be distorted to some degree or be totally false.

Much of my training has been in how to penetrate what is called the false layer. It results when the mind overlays what truly is.

When percieving with the senses the mind adds input from memory resulting in a distorted picture.

There are simple excercises to overcome this and discern true sensory input from what is added by mind.

# 6. 3/30/10 1:57 AM by M.E. - N.Y.
thumbsup.gif Thanks Albert. I also believe in angels and guardian angels and often ask them to give me a sign of some sort as to what I should or should not do. So far they never let me down.

Editor's Note: Me neither

# 7. 3/30/10 7:50 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif A friend is an angel without wings. Or at least we can't see them.

Close calls, near misses, miraculous saves...

We all have had them.

Each of we human beings "know",

at those times,

there was something greater

than our consciousness,

beside us in this world.

Editor's Note: The thing with the angel style friends is when we listen to them we never regret having done so later.

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