Seven Seals
by Albert 1

# 1. 6/22/03 6:15 AM by Beth
I did some reading on this subject MANY years ago and all I can say is that numbers have had meaning associated with them (especially 7 as a spiritual or holy number) Loooooong before the bible. The meanings have never changed. I think I will have to go back and research this again...It is a facinating subject. I'll let you know...



# 2. 6/22/03 7:03 AM by johnnyrotten
7 is God's number or the number of completion in the Bible. 6 is the number of man, 11 is the number of judgment (see 9/11) and 40 is the number of testing.

# 3. 6/22/03 1:45 PM by al;bert vallone - livonia ny

Please supply specific references concerning the comments you provided.

If this information was learned from Biblical sources or any other book on numerology-inquiring minds want to know.

If a result of trance etc or passed to you by another human that wold also be nice to know.

Please consider this as a sincere request and not a challenge of validity.

# 4. 6/22/03 3:29 PM by lana
ah ha! now i get your #7 reference comment on the other column.....

Editor's Note: I hope Sandy doesn't think I am attacking him (her?).I just get up early in the A.M. East Coast Time

I am actually intrigued that his NIV bible seems closer to my Lamsa version than the King James

I was also informed Saturday that The Finnish Lutheren Church is liberal in the spirit of Martin Luthor due to the friendship Luthor had for a Finn named Agricola.

I feel that many Protestant denomonations are in the dark concerning Martin Luthors actual practices and beleifs including his interpretation of Scripture.


It would make since that a King(James) would have his hand in distorting Biblical wisdom for his own ulterior motives like a more obedient kingdom.

# 5. 12/13/16 4:04 AM by lj - mm


The number seven and thirteen have been linked as primes for whatever one may or may not believe about primes ministers???

like attorneys general and surgeons general for the generals of attorneys and surgeons...

# 6. 12/13/16 6:32 AM by mk
On the seventh day - he rested. That's a number of completion. Animals on the ark- two by two of the unclean. seven by seven of the clean beasts. Numbers all have sacred meanings. The God-head, makes three a sacred number. Numbers represent God's creation have always seemed to me- to be the handwritten signature of our creator. :)

Fibonacci figured something out. It's awesome. Eight is also a sacred number: it represents renewal. rebirth. There were eight human beings on the ark.

This is not an LDS doctrine, this is just my own observance and thoughts. I've never heard a Sunday School class or Sacrament meeting sermon on sacred numbers. I feel like every number in some way- represents the hand of God. It's just fun to figure out how and see it in nature, life etc. It's especially fun to recognize sacred numbers in musical patterns. Harmonies that work well in music make use of the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11. Every 8 notes, the pattern repeats itself. It's fun to observe and think about.

Editor's Note: Ypu have revealed much in this comment that needs addressing. The best way for me to honor your comment is to to expand the majority of it in a column of my own, perhaps several.

I once read an opinion on time that has stayed with me ever since.

Time is a way to free us from having to think of everything at once.

I could consider numbers in the same manner.

They help us consider the more detailed significance of ALL that G.O.D. has wrought.

I see numbers as I do other tools of Creation, sacred, some having more significe than others relative to our individual beings.

My birthday of 8/18/38 has given me the number eight to consider. A numerologist will take that those individual digits manipulating them to consider certain factors.

Why four horsemen? What does a fifth one signify? Why Seven Seals? Why four pillars and a fifth column? And then last but not least, the Trinity of Father Son and Holy Spirit. A priest once told me that no one will ever fully comprehend the meaning of Trinity.

I silently disagreed with that Priest when he said that the Trinity is an unfathomble Truth.

In my personal opinion the Trinity is the basis for a clear perspective on spirituality.

Enough for now MK but not for long, for there is work to do relating to the concepts under discussion here.

I thank you for helping me order my thoughts on the subject.

# 7. 12/13/16 9:33 AM by Mk
Why 10 commandments?

I was reading about this last night. For pillars for your consideration:

The creation. The fall of man. The resurrection of Christ and redemption of man. The judgment.

Each can be broken into multiple parts. ( MORMON 9:11-16 )

Editor's Note: To better understand the number of commandments and other numerical items from the Hebrews a study of their system yields much concerning numbers and relationships.

Look up Jewish Mysticism.

We could of course go off into one of the branches of the Sephir Yzirah (Sic) but i prefer a thorough study of the roots and main tree.

# 8. 12/14/16 1:39 AM by mk
I was very tired. I intended to comment "FOUR pillars to consider.."

Editor's Note: When ever you are able I would hope you do add your comment. This column is part of a continuing series and will be posted again at a future date. I have much more to add to this concept of sacred numbers since they relate directly to what was, is, and ever shall be. Revelation and prophecy is an area I have explored in my studies as a Rosicrucian. My writing is often in the form of verse and is not intended to be comprehended by those who have only a casual interest in spirituality.

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