Overtime for angels-repost
by Albert 1

# 1. 6/19/03 7:59 AM by Eileen
I have that picture, Albert - it's haunting - what a comfort it must have been at that time -

Keep em coming.

# 2. 6/19/03 8:30 AM by Lee - J.
This memory just proves to me that governments are the problem not people!!

Editor's Note: It was strange how they would know ahead of time when we moved anything "interesting" in or out of the base and would be there with cameras.

Of course turnabout was fair play.

# 3. 6/19/03 5:15 PM by Rooster
Were the three men your representative angels?

Editor's Note: no they were Russian military attaches(legal spies) part of the Yalta accords which set up rules for allied occupation after World War Two. No allegory here-- this was all a real experience of my 8 months in West Germany.in 1964-1965 in the Frankfort-Trier area

I saw no angels in the car or otherwise.

I realized later I could have been "disappeared" and never heard from again.

# 4. 6/19/03 7:53 PM by Rooster
Then I suppose they were the representative broken bridge.

Editor's Note: The broken bridge representing danger to the children --yes

Fortunately the real life Russians probably figured any fool GI willing to ride with them wasn't worth kidnapping.

Maybe they were just good human beings. I did not ask and they did not say.

Btw Rooster-if you hold questions on the "journey" most will have been answered before story ends.

# 5. 3/30/10 1:43 AM by M.E. - N.Y.
thumbsup.gif Very good example of our Guardian Angels at work. Excellent!

Editor's Note: Its hard to ignore them.

# 6. 3/30/10 7:36 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif Two local Marines KIA in Vietnam
were/are my Guardian Angels.
C.W. dod 04/25/65
L.H. dod 10/29/67

My daughter, LMK 10/29/80
My oldest son,ZAK04/25/83
My youngest sonJCK09/11/83

Seeing my military medical file, The original
file at Bath VAMC stamped "MIA-presumed-KIA"
and then crossed out???(Cross-ed OUT.)

And I can not remember anything about 07/04/70.
Or why I was nicknamed what I was??

just the lyrics to an old Kenny Rogers song,
written by Laura Nero.

And when I die,
and when I AM dead,
dead and gone.

There'll be one child born
to carry on.

Editor's Note: I AM a Laura Nyro fan and was saddened by her loss.

For some reason I lost interest in her songs and no longer own the KPs I had but remember her early work well. She was also very cute.

Her, Grace Slick,

and Linda Ronstadt were some of my favorite chanteuses.

My guardians have often taken human form like CWO Robert Romaine and an unidentifed member of the I.G.s office that recognized a need for him to step in once concerning some unnecessary duty some DH thougnt I should be subject to even though my MOS was rare and critical on our site.

I will have to say the angels have worked overtime for me since birth and never seem o take a break but do have me on a very long leash.

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