by Albert 1

# 1. 6/18/03 6:34 AM by Eileen
Whoa, dude.

Editor's Note: :)

# 2. 6/18/03 6:54 AM by lana
awesome way to start the day albert. we are all more than mere reflection........

Editor's Note: now you know what can wake one at 111 a.m.

I hope this is not confused with Henry Miller's book same title different type awakening.

# 3. 6/18/03 7:32 AM by k macduff
nice way to start off the day - :)

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# 4. 6/18/03 12:18 PM by Lee - J.
Pretty nice for the middle of the day too.

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# 5. 4/6/04 7:04 AM by k macduff
excellent choice for repost albert
welcome back

Editor's Note: Thanks,BTW, Looks like between you and Stephan our Utah writers will have a good chance to meet the rest of us if they come East.

# 6. 4/6/04 7:21 AM by Eileen
Again I say - Whoa Dude :)

Where you been?

Editor's Note: Why Whoa? For me creativity (and energy) are not linear factors. "For every thing there is a season"

# 7. 4/6/04 7:36 AM by Lee - J.
Welcome back! Nice choice for re-post and re-entry.

Editor's Note: Thanks, The "pause" was refreshing.

# 8. 4/6/04 9:47 AM by Jim Mattison
Excellent Albert! Welcome back. You have no idea how much I've missed you. If you're coming back as a regular addition I promise to comment more often. Wouldn't want you to think I wasn't keeping up. Man! You just brightened up my whole day!

Editor's Note: Your true stories have tickled my funnybone while I lurked.

Now that the brain is rested I will contribute when I have something original to say myself or comment on any unique perspective that catches my attention.

The obvious conservative (neo-conservative) bias of this site can feel quite overwhelming at times and trigger untoward knee-jerk responses.

My original philosophy (prior to WOTL) when this situation is recognized was to withdraw from the center of the melee to get a broader perspective.

Unfortunately we all have egos. Some of us understand them better than others.

Personality conflicts are ego traps and not something I desire to re-enter and get stuck in, however it's also not my nature to keep quite if words are appropriate to a situation so I look forward to what can develop from this new resolve.

# 9. 4/6/04 2:39 PM by Michael - Provo
thumbsup.gif Hey Albert, welcome back...glad I could serve as an impetus. :)

Editor's Note: You have served as more than an impetus. At times you reflect back (or originate) a quality) I recognize as vital for my introspection. For now I'll label it ego-free wisdom.

# 10. 4/7/04 8:05 AM by Wayne
Albert, it is a pleasure to see your name again. I have greatly missed your writings.

Editor's Note: Hi Wayne, To miss my writings is one thing, to read them is another. I posed a question along with my last posting and no one who welcomed me back and (read?) it referred to the question I posed. I realized the question required some actual effort to think so I referred the question to "mystics" yet had no nibbles. To me a mystic is one who can see a deeper meaning into a subject which has a simpler common understanding. I think you may qualify.

# 11. 4/8/04 8:58 AM by Wayne
I saw two questions. 1)"Why humankind continues to choose "The Way of the Cross"?

2)"am I not more than mere reflection?"

A third I have is what is the symbolism of the Rose? -- I cannot remember the book/movie of the same name that dealt with the crucifixion.

Both questions 1 and 2 ulitimately bring me to the three "terrible questions" of early philosophers ... the good or bad of past, present, and future of the universe. Terrible questions with only eight possible answers, but those eight answers forming a framework which describe all philosophies and religions of mankind.

Coincidentally, I have been reading more on that as further research to James' challenge to clearly document my assertations of early Christian history.

My answers to your questions?

1) Christ was foreordained in the primortal councils to be crucified. The symbolism of the type of death, the crucial issue of his Godhood, the time and place and procedures were no coincidence. It is literally the "eye of the needle" through which all must pass in the progression from pre-Christ despair to post-Christ Eternal Life.

2) Without the crucifixion and atonement, life would be but a reflection. Void and without meaning or consequence. The bad-bad-bad option of the three "terrible questions" of the philosophers. You may have had something completely different in mind, but those are the thoughts you brought to me.

Editor's Note: Thanks for your well thought out and clear explanation

My perspective or explanation is much simpler.

Mankind sees the soul (rose)as bound by Time and Space( two of the great principles of reality, the third being Mind)because his view is ass-backwards.

How many concentrate their life to shadows of Self when turning around is within their power of choice?

While in the form of a man Christ taught in parables so why couldn't His whole life, death, and resurrection also be a "great parable"?

Especiallly if it could be seen as pre-ordained.

# 12. 11/10/06 9:14 AM by Cowboy Bob
Hey pardner, I liked this view into the cosmic consciousness. Nothing like a little astro theology to start the day. I too appreciate that sun on the cross resulting in that great triumph of spirit over matter, and I'm fasinated by all them lunar effects my cows.

Editor's Note: Tinfoil on the left horn will mark yours as protected when the aien's harvest begins.

# 13. 11/16/06 9:21 PM by Cowboy Bob
Al, ol' buddy...thought you might like this little jewel I found....

Sol Invictus

Radiating giant

Of the macrocosm

Silent traveler

Through the unseen microcosm

Majestic ruler of all inquiries

Who answers in ceremonial rhythms

Rising then setting

Temperatures inside the human heart

Shedding his solar eloquence

Upon all life and being

Riding on his wings of healing

We breath


Bask in, and feed

Until we become Him

And He becomes us

Giving his life as our friend

He departs the dying hero

Casting shadows

For darkness to live in

Depriving us momentarily of meaning

As it tries to counterfeit

His splendid radiance

And His eternal sacrament

Of light, warmth, and intelligence

Editor's Note: So where is the treasure trove you found this in? Don't be greedy!

Sun-Son? what's the difference?

# 14. 11/16/06 10:05 PM by Cowboy Bob
Albert.. I was inspired to write it after our little exchange the other day. Came right out of the Holy of Holies.

Editor's Note: More than one of them around you know!

Some are a lot better than others.

# 15. 9/12/09 12:46 PM by EmotionalWave
thumbsup.gif Very deep and very beautiful.

Editor's Note: Thanks EW

# 16. 1/26/13 9:12 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I really liked this poem... Thanx for the repost...

I've toyed different times about the blue rose and the black and blue of IRIS... That's a song by Googoo Dolls from City of Angels...

Something for me to work on as an appetizer for poetry class...

Editor's Note: n.t.

# 17. 1/26/13 10:18 AM by sbajz
Where do you buy your weed?

Editor's Note: You sound like some people I knew in the 60s

Some went to jail subsequent to discussions that began like your comment.

# 18. 1/30/13 8:13 PM by Mary elizabeth
thumbsup.gif I think your poem is great. You surprise me more every day

Editor's Note: Welcome on board as a commenter here at WOTL. Hope to see a lot of you in the next hundred years. Johnny Cash would have approved. :=}

# 19. 4/2/14 6:54 AM by sbajz
Random words

Pieced together





Of trees

Do they shed

For me?

Editor's Note: Some get it, others mock what they cant understand.

Somecsee chaos where I see order.

Astronomy used to be a hobby of mine as I began to see the,randomness of reality as no more than egotistic illusion.

Someday you might be able to see that that more than trees have shed tears for humanity.

Come out of that shadow and face the sun head on.

You can either fight Mother Nature or realize the shadows cast are of your own making.

# 20. 4/3/14 2:42 PM by Moe - Fairbanks
Beautiful poem. Are you a Rosicrucian?

Editor's Note: Thank you Since 1958 when I joined by mail I was the Rochester NY group's Master in the 1970's and have visited the San Jose Temple and HQ many times.

# 21. 4/26/14 6:12 AM by sbajz
How many times do you plan on repeating this POS?

Editor's Note: As many times as my WOTL subscription will permit .

B.S, especially from cheap b@€$€€ free riding commenters talks, but here on my little part of WOTL, my money walks.

When are you going to grow a pair, cut loose of the necessary subscription fee, and put some of your wisdom on line here for me to read?

Or have you done so under another name in the past and learned that it's safer to snipe at others behind a pseudonym than expose your own garbage to ridicule?

# 22. 4/26/14 8:18 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Thank you for reposting this POSITIVE pos-ition.

Reflections and revelations of relativity is all we have to reason our way out of the psycho babble world we appear to be living in...

I need to copy and paste this for future reference if you don't mind... I will c&p the copyright also because if I share this it will be to your credit, not mine...

In pig latin the title would be, (in my wordplay of course),

OSS-Y-RAY say crucifixion.

MR. --- Maximum punishment and

Retribution of capital punishment

except for the biggest sinners of all...

Editor's Note: My work,with,Taoist philosophy,showed me the need for polarity in our thinking comes out of an area of dualism that can be entirely transcended.

Alan Watts 'The Left hand of God' sheds a different light on the negative qualities of reality.

We split what is whole into polar opposites ( yin and yang, good and evil, pleasant and unpleasant), to better understand the two aspects' relationship to the whole.

The alternative approach to this world of polarities is to find a different perspective that doesn't put you between the two opposing forces

# 23. 4/26/14 11:40 AM by sbjaz
I don't have to play piano to know what bad piano playing sounds like.

Editor's Note: Do you know what a piano is?

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