Lost and Found
by Albert 1

# 1. 1/6/07 8:48 AM by Leisha
Albert, that's excellent! I salute your skill.

Editor's Note: I'm afraid (though I should fear not) that I may make someone jealous.

# 2. 1/6/07 9:04 AM by BF
Very good words, Albert.

This poem says so much.

AND it is nicely poetic, as well, utilizing a couple of interesting techniques.

Just so you know. :-)

I like it a lot.

Editor's Note: Another one in the works----

Thanks for the professional criticism It's what I AM here for,

# 3. 1/6/07 9:55 AM by lon bonsberry
i like it

Editor's Note: Glad to have the male side of the aisle enjoy it too.

# 4. 1/6/07 10:06 AM by Leisha
inspiration begets inspiration...

Thank you, Albert

Editor's Note: thanks for the initial inspiration

# 5. 5/22/10 8:18 AM by M.E. - N.Y.
thumbsup.gif I like it very much. Thank you for this different side of you.

Editor's Note: There are many, so stick around for new ones.

# 6. 5/22/10 9:14 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif Thank you for reposting.

The lost and found of each of us in our lives.

A very deep and interesting poem...

Thanx John

Editor's Note: You are one person I can always cound on to see meaning ion my writing.

Thanks John.

# 7. 12/16/16 9:15 AM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif Excellent again on the reread..

I was LOST, and fortunate enough to be FOUND, again, as it were???


Lost and found of each and every man, woman, and child, in the universe...

Editor's Note: Right On!!

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