Jefferson's Bible ---repost from 2007----
by Albert 1

# 1. 1/4/07 10:04 AM by Peter Lounsbury
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# 2. 1/4/07 3:12 PM by Ezra
My understanding of Jefferson's editing is that he stripped it down to a simple form in order to use it as an evangelism tool and a primer for basic Christian doctrine and not some way of trowing out parts he didn't agree with.

Editor's Note: I think he stripped the mythology out of it. Unfortunatlely I no longer own a copy.

# 3. 1/4/07 7:29 PM by Andrew
Jefferson did not intend his bible to be used for evangelism. You are correct in that he stripped out everything that he could not rationalize as actually happening.

As to versions of the bible, the first question to ask is who did the translating? Any translation by a single person or a single church should be looked at cautiously. Many are only paraphrases. Those that have been translated by committes of respected and educated persons of diverse backgrounds are usually more reliable. It also helps if they have used the more ancient manuscripts available in this day and age. I firmly believe that God preserves his message and the poorest translations will still proclaim his gospel.

Editor's Note: I know I am part of a very small minority but still think that an understanding of God is best sought within one's self.

I do feel that a thread of divine wisdom does exist throughout all the Bibles in general but to use them as authority is a bit much.

# 4. 1/25/13 4:50 AM by Albert 1
thumbsup.gif Correcting a response to a previous comment, I now have a copy of Jefferson's Bible in my permanent possession

His obvious anti clerical philosophy gives lie to those promoting the supremacy of organized religion.

Still my personal philosophy remains that despite the potential social danger of organized religion I consider the freedom of the people to choose group worship remain inalienable.

When groups such as the FLDS or Jim Jones failed attempt at theocracy either self destructs or is effectively dealt with by secular authority then I rest a little easier.

Despite the bleatings and gnashing of teeth of various Jeremiads, Biblical and otherwise, the human race survives. .

Editor's Note: N.T.

# 5. 1/25/13 4:55 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I Enjoyed reading this column... I like your take but I'll raise you two...

One: The Bible is an abbreviation of the complete bibliographies of all the apostles and prophets. A contraction of abbreviations and editorial license by the authority of a chosen few scribes who were literate...

Two: The chronology is intentionally circular in logic, retelling the same story with different spins over and over. I even believe that some scribes and pharisees juxtaposed some of the "books" in the bibliography to make it more relevant to their "needs"...

The word "tithe" is an anathema for a true new testament. Used to feather the hypocrites of all times... "offering" was the term I remember and the lack of charity by charitable organizations funded in principle, but not in practicality...(The DISSed-United Way?_)

Editor's Note: Another student of the Bible? You wouldn't be challenging Peter for WOTLs designation of chief theologor would you?

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