A LOVE of WISDOM--a repost from 2003 when I first arrived here in WOTL
by Albert 1

# 1. 6/16/03 4:22 AM by Darryl
Have you ever read the wisdom books of the Bible? (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes) Just wondering. Here's a thought for you: Could faith be a form of wisdom, or at least, a trust in the wisdom of God, which needs no testing for its validity, though it is often tested by human disbelief? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Editor's Note: I don't know if you are familiar with the term calculated risk but it may serve a portion of your question.

The Biblical books you referred to reach around intellect to link directly to soul, the feeling produced is often dramatic.

I have one book which pictorially illustrates prophecy in this manner using mainly Ecclesiastes and a few of the others you referred to, in such a way that the hardest head cannot deny what is portrayed for anything but Truth..

# 2. 6/16/03 5:51 AM by Wondering
In your statement, "All desires, when satisfied, lead to others until the desire for wisdom becomes paramount," does this mean that wisdom is what is at the end of the line or that wisdom is a desire that gets satisfied and leaves you longing for nothing else?

I've always enjoyed this that a friend told me. "Knowledge is learning with retention. Understanding is knowledge with perspective. Wisdom is understanding with discernment." He said he got it from Chuck Missler who got it from somewhere else.

Editor's Note: My comprehension of wisdom would also include an ability to apply it on a practical level otherwise its validity might remain speculative. Discernment is part of the process which medical students use in differential diagnosis. It also is the basic tool for evaluating any concept on a comparative basis. The ability to integrate concepts could also probably be included in wisdom's definition.

Integration and differentiation(discrimination-a parallel concept)of course are the two basic techniques utilized in calculus and as I was taught and had to apply, in computers and radio, FM to be specific.

the "longing for anything else" you referred to is replaced with a confidence that the path selected and the energy applied, have already begun to acheive an objective. Within the psychology of desire lies a suspicion that you are yet not connected to what is necessary to achieve it. Wisdom eliminates this doubt.

# 3. 6/16/03 6:39 AM by Wondering Some More
If I eliminate the doubt does the desire diminish, change to something else, or is it eliminated. Desire is also a lust. Lusts are not fulfilled.

Now suppose that I desire to eat and I know that food is in the cupboard and then eat it, I can still desire the cheesecake even though I am not hungry.

Editor's Note: Lusts can be temporarily sated(which is a type of fulfillment) and I think that is what is partially implied by saying that the action would lead to another.(eventually) The pressure actually is steady with the form changing. All gluttony points towards ego.

Part of the intensity of lust is a doubt that more will be available later so one overindulges. The other aspect of lust is that a recognition of need or reward be present. If one is already content the need is absent and the reward unattractive.

That is why a skillful marriage partner is usually confident of their spouse not straying, recognizing of course that this is not an absolute, and exceptions are noted.

Bringing ego into the explanation: by it being "a slave to time",it feels pressure. . In such a state it always lusts for as much sensory input as it can obtain(gluttony) so you intellectually may not feel the need for cheesecake but the ego will always crave more for any given period of time..

This is an alternate definition of "hidden hunger"

# 4. 6/16/03 10:00 AM by Darryl
Ecclesiastes is a very deep book and one of my favorites of the Bible for its insight into vanity and the chasing of earthly happiness. Apart from God, all is meaningless. Very sage and insightful wisdom, with a pessimistic view on life during a time when Solomon, who wanted for no material thing, realized that he could never attain or fulfill enough to ever be happy. It was also a time when he absented himself from fellowship with God, who was the one that blessed him.

Editor's Note: Hi Darryl,

See we now have a private link established.

I think you will appreciate this illustrated book when you finally see it.

It has been one of my treasures.

I have been out all day Monday including getting measured for a Wet Suit for Scuba diving.

I am interested if you may have knowledge of the Gnostics, or Essenes.

when things settle down I will fill you in on why.



# 5. 6/16/03 1:53 PM by Poot - Greece, N.Y.
You said that a desire satisfied leads to another. I don't get that. Is it like after when you eat you have a desire later to go to the bathroom or is it that it will lead to hunger again later?

Editor's Note: Sort of means that you think satisfying any desire will make you satisfied-which seems reasonable. Instead you discover you are unsatisfied for another reason so you begin to chase the new goal.-when you reach that you find something else is leaving you still unhappy.

Hope this makes sense

# 6. 6/16/03 3:00 PM by Michael - Provo
I always did like the etymological construction of "philosophy." It's what started my extremely amateurish hobby of word-dissecting (and word-constructing).

Editor's Note: That "hobby" is for me an absolutely necessary survival tool considering the tower of "babble" effect.

# 7. 6/16/03 10:39 PM by Alan
Would it be possible for you to sum up what you said in one sentence for me? If so could you do that for me?

Editor's Note: Read Lana's column "A little moment of reflection" as she express my feelings better than I have been able to concerning my feelings towards your questioning.

You don't seem to accept that I intend to respond to your questions and or comments via e-mail so after this message I will simply print your response without comment.

# 8. 6/17/03 1:39 PM by Rooster
Why respond via e-mail?

Editor's Note: Read Lana's column for today Tuesday. Private communication helps lower the temperature and reduces acrimony if things start being more than what they appear on the surface.

In other cases the response might be tailored to the asker and bore the general audience.

If this is a continuing exchange with no obvious resolution -- well, just read Lana's column of the day.

The Lemming saga was fun. Soon you can ask about Pandora who is about to visit us from Nevernod.

You my friend have been a welcome challenge due to to your style which is actually enjoyable to this writer.

# 9. 6/17/03 10:33 PM by Rooster
What is my style? And why do you actually enjoy it?

BTW, I think my "style" is to try to use logic and to be as explicit as possible. I often have trouble understanding some of your postings, due to my reluctance to place meaning where there may not be meaning. Hope you don't mind the "challenge" of bringing me up to speed.

Editor's Note: Your "style" to one familiar with it is more Socratic than you may admit to.

Your reluctance to "understand" echoes his method of bringing forth the answer he knew was there all the time in the demonstration he is most famous for in the supposedly ignorant slave.

From different perspectives one truth may have multiple "meanings" so your reluctance to attach meaning MAY be no more than the inhibition of being found out.

The best teachers question rather than preach.

In this "game" once and a while someone will get your number no matter how slippery you may appear or how hard you wriggle.

This hug's for you :)

# 10. 6/18/03 9:14 AM by Rooster
I would consider Socrates to be my friend :)

And as far as pinning me down, you have done better than most!

Editor's Note: Now I have to be careful for one of the seven Deadlys is Pride.

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