CHRISTUS , The third dialog-for the Easter Season
by Albert 1

# 1. 12/11/07 5:46 PM by albert 1
Well folks, I went way out on a limb with this and am quite surprised that none of the "thinkers" chose to comment.

This is of course as mentioned a speculative excercise yet I would have expected both positive and negative comments based on whatever paradigm the thinking commenter operates within.

Editor's Note: all comments are welcome

# 2. 12/11/07 11:47 PM by Jay - OR
This does not mean that I consider myself a genius, but I do think sometimes. And, I have thought about your column. If you are relating it as something you have actually experienced, that's one thing. If it is more merely thoughts that have come to you, that's something else.

Were I to relate similar thoughts to one particular friend, she would ask, "Have you prayed about it?"

The next time she might say, "That sounds like the product of a separate reality." Ah, Carlos Costenado. He thought. He wrote. He sold books, People read; and all but a very few almost immediately forgot. You've got to wonder what's with those who remembered.

funny things like that used to happen during meditation. True meditation, that is, where one totally empties his mind and consciousness. (I gave that up when I learned that the originators used it as a method to make a place for spirits to enter, and . . . , take over?) I quit. So, you don't believe in Demons?

Is that a start? How am I doing?

Editor's Note: It was an extrapolation of an open ended process of intellect development. The only part that was actual was that I spent much time on that Korean seashore.

Demons as actual spiritual entities? They don't fit my paradigm.

Demons as a hypothetical construct that affect people's lives? Yes it that sense they have a reality.

The concept of individual personal egos can be a workable parallel.

Demonic possession can also be seen as the effect of an out of control ego. No need for any outside spirit being in control.

# 3. 12/12/07 5:46 PM by Jay - OR
I have inferred that you do believe in some spirits. That is, outside, or external spirits separate from our own.

If I was wrong, correct me.

If I was right, explain to me how you reconcile having their being good spirits, and yet not acknowledge the yang to that ying, or in other words the opposition in all things that exists as, and consists of, the equal and opposite reaction in science and most matters human. (?)

Editor's Note: Actually I only "beleive" (actually in my opinion "Know" of ONE SPIRIT.with no equal and opposite Having said that I can also comprehend of the seperate realities of others including yours.

My one spirt is the only one in my reality.

I can understand another person having multiple spirits in their realities.

I guess the problem lies in interfacing with another person who has the multi-spirit paradigm.

Yin-yang is from the philosophy of duality. I have studied an East Indian philosophy called Avviata which translates from the Sanskrit to "NOT TWO".

In practical application most "bad spirits" of yore are later found to have simpler explanations.

For example at one time insanity or illness in general were blamed on bad spirits.

As I have previously written the Course in Miracles has given me a perspective based on an understanding of the human ego and its effects.

This concept makes more sense to me than that of a Devil or malevolent spirit or number of spirits.

# 4. 12/14/07 8:57 AM by albert 1
Spelling correction:The East Indian philosophy I studied was termed "Adviata" which means "not two" in Sanskrit.

This is quite different than the more common Taoist philosophy of Duality (yin-yang)

Editor's Note: My interest in Indian Yogic philosophy was originally sparked when I hear a lecture by a well known Chinese teacher.

I wondered whe he was not sufficiently satisfied with his Chinese Taoist system.

His lecture on Indian philosophy didn't really connect to me till much later when I was able to take a series of night courses based on Adviata.

# 5. 5/29/09 12:10 PM by BF
I find the format of this series enchanting: dialogues. How Socratic. How Classical.

Did you know that Galileo wrote at least some of his discourses in such a manner?

I suspect it was a popular convention at one time.

Editor's Note: He was for certain on top of my list of faves. I like how the Church pardons him hundreds of years after his death.

# 6. 3/17/10 1:27 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif If what we know is only what we think is real, how do we explain the visual and audio imagery that our Imagination (I'Magi-nation?) plays with us. (play in a musical connotation of melody and harmony.)

I hear imaginary things that no one else hears. I know they are in my imagination, and no one else can hear them. Does that then mean that my imagination and the world in which it dwells is not real to my imagination?

Editor's Note: Reality is defines two ways.

I prefer the term actuality as what is independent of perception. "Perception is reality, reality os perception"

There is a phenomono called "the observer" see "Psychosynthesis" in Wikipedia.

Observation can occur that is not based on the body. Many reports of people near death observing the body from a displaced perspective.

Astral projection is more than myth.

The mind can be trained to free the observer from its body based egocentricism.

# 7. 3/19/10 10:21 PM by Emotionalwave
I truly believe that this is more than a work of fiction. The voice of God can be so loud at times,you might think there is someone else in the room speaking.

Editor's Note: It is actually a tribute for those who comprehend what I ASm speaking of.

It is hard to explain why I dont pray but those who realize what I Am aware of is also aware of me can see why I consider it unnecessary.

Of course all prayer need not be consider forms of requesting favors.

I Am a witness for What Is that somtimes deserves tears of joy in tribute.

Sometime I still forget till I Am reminded I Am more than reflection.

I think our friend and Brother John might have a few words concerning Celestial Navigation.

If that thought is not clear as much of my writing seems to be, you are welcome to ask I expound on it however I think you also know how some of us are guided and the feeling it gives..

Yes, bearing Witness has little to do with fiction.

# 8. 12/25/12 7:39 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif CHRISTUS--;;;


"X"=Christ as in the letter Chi=x in Greek...

Why so many people need to deny that some of Christ's blood, and his body, were of Greek descendency is beyond me. That is the old Hebrew fear of miscegenation which begets total denial.

But if not the body and blood of Christ they were afraid of, as much as the Greek ideologies, not as Greek Gods, but humane justice, tolerance and forbearance, which Rome had enslaved along with the bodies and blood of the poor Greeks, who were weak and meek and yet had a heart of gold in matters of the spirit which the Romans and their laws of might making right just could not comprehend...But they feared the coming of an age where reason would out-duel the swords and so they chose to kill all the first born children as some sort of "plan" to keep control within their own cronyism of the time...(Two thousand years ago and we are still kind of in that same boat as it were that swallowed Jonah, time and again...)

I enjoyed rereading this column. It kind of still blows my mind.

I find myself reading things into words that are not there, and most people can't see, or hear, let alone feel...

In Christ there has to be justice, how can one be Christian without being fair or just,tolerant and forgiving...

Just -us not I see "E"... but then I see the moral of the story, "The Iceman Cometh?" where we all are just actors on the stage and we are all human to varying degrees by fate and destiny...

Editor's Note: I would like to see peter"s reply to this rehtorical question.

# 9. 4/5/15 8:50 AM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif The season of a holy spirit of spring is upon us again. A rebirth and resurrection of life once dormant in tune with the planets and moons of many more hurtling through space and time to where, only G.O.D. knows where...

Editor's Note: 'GOD proposes and man disposes' Many have confidence of the. Party of the First Part but get the message from the wrong direction. J.C. Spirit is still,with us 'The message was pretty clear and unequivocal when He talked about Love. The rest is pretty much window dressing

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