My 'littlest angel' Updated: thanks to Marilyn et .
by Albert 1

# 1. 12/9/06 10:16 AM by stephen
thumbsup.gif I had a Chihuahua named Jesus (That's Hey-zues in Spanish).

He changed his water bowl to Sangria and when we took him to the lake to go swimming, he just walked on the water... Went clear across to Canada...

Editor's Note: I got off that stuff years ago. Made it hard to relate to earthlings.

# 2. 12/9/06 11:46 AM by Leisha
Earthlings are a weird bunch, aren't they?

One of my sisters was worried about telling her mom (my much loved Evil Step Mom) that she had a boyfriend in her life - and in her heart. I explained that her love wasn't being divided between everyone - it was being multiplied by them.

Editor's Note: good attitude

# 3. 12/9/06 11:51 AM by stephen
Got off of what, Sangria or Taco Bell??? I think they'll both make you hallucinate. Now days Taco Bell can even kill you.

Editor's Note: No that stuff Eileen gets out of those tear jars.

I only like Iyago Sangria.

With the real Mexican resteraunts we are fortunate to have (one out your way in Webster) I would never go for Taco Bell.

# 4. 9/11/13 1:30 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Hi Albert, I grew up with 4 sisters so got to (sort of) understand women from them and their friends. We always had pets and have 4 dogs and 2 cats now. It would amuse me when e.g. large dog squeezes right in between if wife and I are standing, sitting or in bed. The pets get jealous too, you know! My greatest learning experience regarding women was when I played drums for a rock band around age 20. Six nights a week for 20 months straight. So we got to know a lot of the club girls as real friends and they would share their secrets regarding their family life and especially enlightening on how they would "fish" male customers, depleting their wallets voluntarily. The customers rarely if ever got what they were hoping for. The ladies had surprisingly "normal" lives outside of work (husbands, kids, house, bills, etc.) Benefit to me is they would introduce me to the truly eligible ladies and we would party after closing time. Closest analogy is carny, show, band and circus folk. They are reliable and cohesive among themselves and friends. Regular customers - look out!

Editor's Note: I recall walking my friend's small mixed breed on Park Avenue . Of course this was twenty years ago but it didn't seem to matter.

# 5. 9/12/13 7:14 PM by ME - livonia
thumbsup.gif iliked this story very much.though I have heard it before and the wonder of the angels involvement is always good to hear repeated. Angels are real and show up more often than you know.

Editor's Note: They are just as a part of life as any other aspect we often mention.

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