Life's Purposes, (updated yet again)
by Albert 1

# 1. 7/7/04 10:45 AM by BF - Roch
"Life's a banquet, and most poor bastards are starving to death!"

~Auntie Mame

Editor's Note: I think some of the"legitimately " born ones are also starving.

The sad thing is that so much of it is there for the taking if one has the courage to reach.

Thanks BF

# 2. 7/7/04 7:42 PM by beach
You have either earned it, or feel entitled to what others have earned.

Editor's Note: I worked for something but received much more. never thought I was entitled to anything except to be left alone if I choose to be

# 3. 7/7/04 8:38 PM by heather c
thumbsup.gif I like this!!! Do you see yourself in any/all of these categories???

(Except the repro one...)..but I'll tell you from EXPERIENCE that THAT is definitely a push WAY beyond nature....and, for me at least for the first one..consciousness...(I kept losing consciousness between contractions!!!) :)

childbirth =female version of men's war stories :)

Editor's Note: I am definitely an experiencer

# 4. 7/8/04 12:24 AM by erik
im definitely floating through life. id like to think i am growing as a person. right now im more concerned with getting through life. if i can help a few people on the way i wont feel worthless. i did go to toronto 4 years ago( the shouldice hospital for a hernia operation) i found the asian nurses to be excellent eye candy.

Editor's Note: You are my kind of guy as I always have admired asian ladies.

# 5. 7/8/04 8:16 AM by Al
If a might change the subject for a moment. I think I know why you are having trouble with spell check. If you utilize a pop-up ad blocker it may be interfering with it.

On the other hand your occasional miscues are now part of the folklore and you may not wish to upset the balance of the cosmos.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.

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# 6. 5/15/05 6:33 PM by Tom De3y - Springwater, NY
thumbsup.gif Very thoughtful! The one to avoid is those who so embrace your fourth category that they vicariously “live” through the experiences of others - totally abandoning personal experience. What a waste! Tom

Editor's Note: thanks Tom

# 7. 10/5/05 2:47 PM by Jonathan
I want my own experiences. Second hand works for clothes not life.

That was nice. Thanks.

Editor's Note: An admirable philosophy! I can relate to it concerning world travel. I see by your military brat background that you also have been fortunate to experience other cultures first hand.

great isn't it!

# 8. 10/5/05 3:31 PM by Michael B
Why do you choose to honor me with this reprint, Albert?

Editor's Note: Your posting today reminded me of it.

# 9. 10/5/05 3:41 PM by Michael B
Sorry forgot to include this in my previous comment.. Well done... Concise efficient choice of words.. Then again truth doesn't require many words...

Editor's Note: Thanks Michael

# 10. 12/27/07 11:13 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Indeed philosophical. I looked up Webster's definitions of the 2 words and he experienced the same difficulty. It sure seems that which is capable of reproducing will strive to; yet it's more than that. We feel it as a compulsion toward a horizon that recedes as quickly as we pursue it. And one's personal ultimate goal may be to simply requiescat in pace.

Editor's Note: I wish I knew more about the computer game called "LIFE".

I remember playing with it when I built my first machine on the S100 motherboard and loaded the Basic program from a casette tape.

The self sustaining program incorporated in our genes is truly intriguing.

# 11. 12/8/09 7:32 AM by albert 1
thumbsup.gif Commenting on my own earlier effort here I quote: "The Self sustaining program incorporated in our genes is truly amazing"

This is where I see the principle of an Eternal Soul and what I call the spirt of life as being one and the same . It is as close to a definition of Divinity as I can come at the moment.

It is why I liked and have used what the Rosicrucians taught me about "the still small voice" within one's being.

Editor's Note: n.t.

# 12. 9/2/13 6:59 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Wow - you bring back memories, Albert! I note my previous comments with interest, as well. I must be still learning and morphing, because I keyed into yet another aspect this read: Your likening to a "holographic projection" was prophetic. Recently it was postulated and substantially proven (?) that entropy (randomness) aspects of the event horizon of a Black Hole...prove as a corollary that indeed the entire information content of the black hole can be considered projected onto the enveloping Event Horizon. What I noted is that the EH is a closed surface enveloping the Black Hole --- and is exactly one dimension LESS is parametric space. And (surprising, then not) that this has an exact 1:1 correlation with an old theorem from topology: That any N-dimensional space can be fully (loslessly!) projected onto a an N-1 dimensional space. Then, by mathematical induction - onto a 1-dimensional space. And THAT comprises the kernel of the branch of mathematics (and physics) that we choose to call "Information Theory." I find it gratifying that this is all connected...we, the World around us (projection?) and math. Such observation may indeed (your reference) help explain why we see order. And as you observed in another column...[words are difficult/impossible to express these concepts]. P.s. The theorems of topology are surprisingly easy to grasp, derive - it is the language that is so difficult to get comfortable with. Then at some point it just flows with epiphany after epiphany. Reminds me of learning to read music. After blood, sweat and tears - it finally starts to "click." Sister Moe commented that she had mastered French when she started dreaming in that language...about 2 years immersed in Paris! Tom

Editor's Note: When I read of, many years ago, that time was a convenient construct that we created so we wouldnt have to think of e verything at once, something clicked big time.

Tobin's book was my intro to QM done in such a way that the technical details didnt get in the way. The spiritual and philosophical stuff I still cant express to well seemed to be boiling up from the subconscious to such a degree that I was able to construct a rather elaborate graphic that I have attempted without much success to reproduce in WOTL.

A graphic artist cleaned it up for me about six years ago. Portraying personal reality on a two dimensional sheet of paper seems to be working still I know that explaining what I have drawn still needs some work.

Even if all reality is a holograph projection of a single consciousness that we only haveva limitedvawareness of the Why of Life remains partially shrouded in a faint memory of the process. It enables me to now be conscious aware that I Am experienciing reflective, projected, Self

I hope this makes sense and further expect to get beyond where this graphical representation has evolved to Watch your snail mail box for a copy of my effort. Who knows, what another perspective on it might bring.

Thanks for the commentary and inspiration to continue the work I I now find myself involved with.

# 13. 6/3/14 6:54 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif TUMBLING TUMBLEWEED? I enjoyed rereading this column. The analogy to a beehive made me feel glad I was a bumbling bumblebee, who wasn't supposed to fly if science was always right... And I don't care for those, BORG hives of queens and drones, and I just want to be free to visit the flowers once in a while...A little nectar here and there and then I just BUZZ off, into the sunset...with a smile, a song, and a prayer... A SEG, The Impossible Dream, and The Prayer of Saint Francis...AXM 03JUN2014

Editor's Note: At least I can claim to have seen real tumbling tumbleweeds in the American Southwest.

# 14. 3/21/16 7:33 AM by 104
Plastic "tee shirt" grocery bags are known as "inner city tumbleweed".

Editor's Note: I'll never forget meeting my first genuine live tumbleweed in an El Paso area desert in 1962.

# 15. 3/21/16 7:10 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Howdy again, Albert 1! Now 2016, I seem to be getting even MORE metaphysical; Yikes! Now I've convinced myself that the "Many Worlds" interpretation of What Is ... IS, with the following caveat! Although all possible outcomes of every history set are realizable ... I now see the individual (self) as a gardener pruning the vines --- to his advantage. Like a minor decision node e.g. sitting in a restaurant. The Tom who ordered the Puffer Fish is pruned off in favor of the Tom Prime, who chose crab --- simply because the later (This I) survives into the future. So, that would explain (?) why [so far] I am the Tom of 9 lives. Now, that absurdity ... taken to its logical persistence ... might just explain the extraordinarily, fortuitous Universe that we find ourselves in? Tom

Editor's Note: If one was to posit on which theory of reality is most useful on a personal level for the individual concerned, then the concept of perspective comes into play as to how the function of the Observer needs clarification.

The theoretical concept of a personal Observer free of the bounds of both Time and Space leads me to the diagram I sent you a while back that I had a difficult time reducing down to a two dimensional static concept.

Simply put, another train of thought tells me that when we figure it all out by means of the personal Being it it then the personal aspect of Observer is absorbed into the timeless unbound One or Great Is-Was if you will.

Someday, Tom You and I may find it interesting to mind tussle something similar to the mini one we have just concluded.

Until then this channel seems to be serving parts of our perceptual processes quite well.

Perhaps more of our total Beings than we realize.

# 16. 3/22/16 12:18 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
I see your point is aspiring to transcend time and space or at least take a global view. There would seem to (need to) be a hyper-symmetry that would require an invariant perspective that umbrellas all space, time and even individuals. That is to say that the World available to me is not qualitatively different than that available to you --- only the "details" encompass the differences; but the flavour and nature are essentially the same. Ditto that comment for times and locations (what the physicists call "events"). So ALL events are more similar than different. Then ALL of that is intertwined into the Macro Everything. Well, I guess that wraps it up? Tom

Editor's Note: More similar than different makes even more sense when what is is the fixed aspect.

We two perceivers are seeing the same thing from slightly different time and space perspectives.

Some of the mind training I experienced at the Harley School night classes in the 1990s began by learning the effect that verbal conditioning has on perception.

To perceive non verbally engenders a great sense of freedom of thought.

Of course the need to communicate experience usually requires words, sounds, or pictures.

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