My God and Yours-from 2004
by Albert 1

# 1. 7/4/04 1:29 PM by beach 5150
mY GOD IS THE PEOPLE AND THE POWER THEY HOLD WITHIN THEM. Organized religion in this country is simply a template for social hierarchy. Religion in most third world countries is a means to control the people. Faith in itself will help anyone when applied to anything noble and some things not quite so noble. I do not denounce religion. In fact it is a good teacher of the disciplines that are needed to master the faith in oneself. Once faith is established in your cause you will enjoy the ability to learn and prosper at many things. Have faith in your brothers and sisters to do the right thing, but expect them to do nothing for you. When you have dropped the expectation then even the smallest gifts seem huge.

Editor's Note: You have a very clearly stated perspective.

Although its scope only answers some of the questions which abound in society it apparently does not extend to theoretical metaphysics.

If you can enlighten me as to how something came out of nothing please do as this is the question associated with Prime Cause.

Other than that your understanding would be helpful to many people who in my opinion are headed towards "the cliff"

See my essay on Lemmings.

# 2. 7/4/04 2:20 PM by beach 5150
I was not trying to find specific answers to all the questions. I do not deny a creator.

Editor's Note: Do you see the Creater as having designed something which would perpetuate itself or do you see the creator as constantly controlling creation day by day in a hands on way?

# 3. 7/4/04 2:24 PM by " IN" - brooklyn NY
" Hey, mac, we checked all day..can't find anyone by the name of God hea...ya sure He said he's WITH "IN" ???? "IN" said he's been looking for God all of his life, and he thinks he's with "OUT"....

...have you checked Jersey???????

( :) sorry, Albert, it's just me having some fun... I couldn't resist :)Heather )

Editor's Note: It's okay as if He, It, or what ever flavor flops your mop didn't have a sense of humor about the mess He created I think we would be all wiped out to start over again.

# 4. 7/4/04 2:31 PM by erik
human beings can not comprehend what truly is and will be. religion is a guide put forth for humans to follow.we could not follow the incomprehensible truth. without religion civilization would crumble. humans beings need religion and should fight for our beliefs.if we as individuals do not stand up and fight for our religion it will weaken. another's religion will fill that void...............the next life(i will call it that because thats all i can do) will not resemble ANY of our human thoughts period. if any human being thinks they have an inkling of what is and what will be--- see---------->humans cannot comprehend......... i can tell another human being how its not all day and night..........most human beings cant comprehend we can't comprehend.

Editor's Note: The Irish Catholics and the Irish Protestants fight for their religion killing anybody who is within the blast area of their impersonal bombs.. Do you think this was God's plan or is free will in full motion there??

# 5. 7/4/04 3:33 PM by beach 5150
I believe a higher power than us got things started and then let us become what we have. I believe the signs are there for every direction we look, it is up to recognize them. Very rarely do we go against the sign and succeed. sometimes I see my own signs and go against them mostly in failure. Ok Albert this is enough for today for me. Time to go watch some fireworks, have a beer and some dogs. I know, very profound after all this deep talk today!!!!! Have a good night.

Editor's Note: Your "believing" is the same type "believing" I do . It is based on a deep subconscious ability to discern truth from other.

And I am with you that this is a good time to pop a beer cap or two.

Thanks for confirming what I suspected.

# 6. 7/4/04 3:36 PM by erik
my thoughts are always a work in progress--------logic tells me there is no free will. i think many well thought out people come up with the same logic. most have to say there is a limited free will to coincide with the belief that god is looking for good soles.i want to propose a different theory. we have no free will--------we are not judged by good an evil------it is something else. something we cannot put our finger on. something we cannot would be interesting to see people put forth other to your question of battling religious ideals....i know you are well thought out and i like to believe i am. we know the value of religion and it is a reason to believe. not everyone is well thought out. well thought out people would not have to kill or fight each other...............gods plan or free will? right now i choose none of the above

Editor's Note: I know the inner path of Mysticism is not for the intellectual lazy among us.

It is easier and more popular to join a church and use external guidance/

I do not deny the right of those who choose the outward path of organized religion. I just claim an equal right to be free of their influence and coercion as I practice my inner path.

# 7. 7/4/04 4:23 PM by erik
its hard to give definitive answers sometimes. at times i have to say i don't know(which is hard for me--when i was young many family members labeled me "the know it all" and one time while discussing the origins of life with my brother he said"your scaring me man" :-).) i love to talk about this stuff!! i don't deny god in my own life i talk to him often. i have an extremely open mind and will not close it. my inner voice is strong and better than i. its hard for me to believe i have anything to do with shaping that. i often wonder why others inner voice is week. its not their doing.

Editor's Note: you have a stronger sense of self

# 8. 7/4/04 11:48 PM by Al
"My knowledge is one arrived at via logical deduction..."

Please, offer us the formal proof of your logical deduction. I'd be happy to offer the resons why I'm asking for this, but, alas, you never seem interested in a logical discussion with me.

# 9. 1/14/05 9:32 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Glad to see you here and with a thought-provoking column, Albert! Your description of God closely matches, very closely - mine. My greatest awe is that there is - anything! And, moreover the sense of self, others, morality and universe as being indeed not vacuous ... therefore God. I'm stumbling for words, but I'll bet you know what I'm groping to communicate. Thanks, and welcome! Tom

Editor's Note: Thanks Toom. Your words resonate well.

# 10. 12/6/07 11:29 AM by Pete
thumbsup.gif "There does exist however a small minority of individuals whose spiritual paradigm does not fit a philosophy such as what I just described".

Paradigm: A philosophical and theoretical framework of a discipline.

No, I don't fit. I happen to agree with most of your points but I don't fit into them as a knowledgeable person that is a simple human individual who knows God's plan.

You have the idea of what the main stream Christianity defines as Religious, but there are others who know better who don't follow a mainstream theology.

Editor's Note: The "others who know better" you mention do not appear to be among the majority of professed religious adherants.

# 11. 12/18/07 7:49 AM by Sarge's Wife
So far I can tell you that I do not know any Unitarians who think of God as Male of Female. With the exception of the fact that Unitarianism has roots in basic Chrisitanity, I see NO indication that anyone of that faith choice believes in an authority figure God-head who angers and acts wrathfully toward people on the planet. They, as far as I can see, have a very open, vast concept of "God", similar to that which you speak of. So I do not see the reason behind your statements in your other column where you lump Unitarians in with the other "fussy religions". My experience of that path, Unitarianism, is that it is an earth based religion, favoring recognition of the seasons and cycles of the planet AND an awareness of SOMETHING greater than we are that moves in and out of all of it.

Many Unitarians I have met are atheists and agnostics. How about THEM apples?

The Unitarian church, as far as I can see, puts its money where its mouth is, and then not in some kind of do-gooder way: the projects its congregation chooses (many times the children are allowed to choose where the money should go..)are all about partnering with the people they "help"; they themselves do not "play God" in this fashion.

I see it as a very open-minded, welcoming community, with the emphasis on COMMUNITY; a faith that allows for everyone to believe as they choose, offering a common meeting area to discuss those beliefs.

The arts play a huge part in their concept of "worship"; the sermons always deal with aspects of "being human", of "being in this together" regardless of core beliefs about a "God"; as mentioned earlier, earth-based theology is their only "theology"..I used the term loosely here. There IS no dogma in this church. It is community for those seeking community, it is a place to sing African music for those seeking to sing, a place to walk the Labyrinth in meditative silence for those seeing such, to sit in the Thoreau room for contemplation, to protest the war and loss of life that is breaking the heart of the world.

Thank you for reading.

Editor's Note: I definitely agree that I found less dogma in the three churches,2 U.U. and 1 Unity in the Rochester area than any traditional Protestant or Catholic church.

Most of which you wrote here is similar with my perception and experience with UU and Unity..

As far as the "fussiness" goes it was only mentioned as a personal trait of mine not of my perception of an entire religious movement.

I do see the UU philosophy as permitting one to select what to "believe" in.

The "Cafeteria Catholic" quote was just that, a quote, illustrating a certain popular perception.

After the race riot in Rochester 1964 or 65 Saul Alinsky was invited to Rochester to set up a bootstrap type socio-political organization to help bring about change and empower the black community. I think he may have spoken at one of the Unitarian=Universalist churches, much to the chagrin of the old white Rochester political establishment.

If you have been around a bit (military wife??) you probably have discovered that many churches take on the nature of the community.

I noticed your astrological references.

Two of my friends were semi-pro astrologers and another is a well known author of astrology who I consult from time to time.

Am I a "beleiver"?, no! but I welcome the input from these three as I add to my knowledge of the esoteric.

# 12. 4/20/14 11:28 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Firefox keeps crashing this morning... My computer is getting obsolete I guess...

I enjoyed your column and I believe that the spiritual gravity is not equal in all parts of the earth. Some tides of religion rise and fall at different times and at different phases of the moon, Mars, and Venus...

It comes in waves, and it comes and goes, in the spiritual fluidity of extra sensory perception where some feel it more than others.

Truly spirituality is a mental more than physical function of space, time, and the continnum of many intangibles, called mysteries of fate and destiny for lack of better words...

Lady Luck and Mr. Lucky have had their fortunes told by gypsies for more years than even Moses can remember...

Back when the Earth was flat it was easy to maintain emotional stability... Only three dimensions. And then the spherical Earth started spinning opening up a new dimension of time and revolution, and the revelations of rotating powers around the revolutions of the sun by the Earth...

Editor's Note: It is interesting that one nickname for a military chaplain is a 'sky-pilot'.

# 13. 4/20/14 1:49 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Sky Pilot, for the

big guy in the sky.

So you

just gotta try

Because;; you know;; someday;;

you're gonna die;;

Even if you cry...

And that;;;

you can't deny.

Editor's Note: I knew a poet lurked somewhere behind that beard !

# 14. 4/20/14 9:23 PM by ME - Livonia
thumbsup.gif Liked your poem John. Nice job. Hope you will do more.

Editor's Note: I hope some day that two beautiful people can se each other face to face, My wife of one year now and the bearded Amish Marine. I will post a photo of the two of you for all of WOTL to appreciate.

Who knows, maybe it will be taken at Deep"s resteraunt..

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