Genesis=Repost from 2004 (over 9 years on WOTL)
by Albert 1

# 1. 5/16/04 6:10 PM by wayne
I have heard your supposition from others as well.

I don't particularly subscribe to the idea that religious leaders are intentionally trying to keep their flock "under control" in the sense you imply.

Editor's Note: I hope you don't think I painted all clergy with the same brush.

My point is that in the process of interpreting Scripture some, not all theologians have found it advantageous to stress obedience. Not necessarily to them although it would seem reasonable if they were Gods representatives on Earth"

I do not personally feel that the intent of Genesis was to do this. What would make the literal interpretation conjunct mine would be that it was a warning that with the increase in the ability to discern comes a price which God was kind enough to detail. Since God knew all future events the "disobedience" was expected.

Adam and Eve were not punished but rather cast into a world where they would discern(know the difference between good and evil) rather than just live like animals in a state of bliss.

# 2. 5/17/04 7:00 AM by BF - Roch
Now you're calling Adam and Eve apes. Tsk.

Hope you have your flame-proof duds handy.

Interesting theory, though. Seems quite plausible.

Editor's Note: No I cant see that I did call Adam and Eve apes.

I personally feel Homo Sapiens probably did not descend from one pair of primates wih advanced consciousness. Rather I feel that there probably were many parallel evolutionary species . Not being an anthropologist I couldnt point to where the dividng line was between man and beast. 2-

# 3. 5/17/04 11:40 AM by BF
I'm sure there are those on WOTL who are able to explain to you the dividing line 'twixt man and beast.

Editor's Note: I am not sure about that as some feel others are 100% beast now.

# 4. 6/28/12 12:14 AM by albert 1
This is a postscript.

Genetic researchers using their proven methods have concluded that a single individual was at the base of the human race's growth.

Prettty much as was written in the Bible as Adam/

This contradicts my own orevious opinion but I will defer to the validity of the method of proof that changed my thinking on this.

Editor's Note: n.t.

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