or are they meant to be broken…?

Albert rolled forward his musings regarding Rules. I started composing my traditional long-winded response and deem it worthy of a separate column. Thax, Albert! Here goes >>>

For better and worse, I have always chosen to err in favor of breaking rules imposed by others or myself. That went over like a lead balloon in Catholic Parochial Schools. My earliest recollection of decisively, consciously breaking a rule, was in St. Augustine's kindergarten. The bell rang and we knew that meant put the toys away and go to your seat. Thinking, 'I wonder, if I Don't [follow the rule]; what will follow [be the consequence]?' I was completely mesmerized to watch the floor clear, kids [obediently] putting toys away, going to seats, until... just ME, island of Free Will, in a sea of meticulously-polished black and white linoleum tile; EUPHORIC! Sister's black-shod feet miraculously appeared, perfectly-centered on the facing 1x1 ft. white tile. Checkmate. She gently picked me up, without saying a word, and deposited me into a chair. Class resumed, according to plan. I realized that true rules are best understood by testing them. I later became a scientist... and Tech Fellow twice over. I believe that distinction is reserved for those most skilled in breaking rules... imposed by others or self. My Platinum Rule is: 'Break it; then choose to comply... or NOT.' Tom, euphorically-recalcitrant to the point Tom

Epilogue: 'Hey, you Kids! Yeah, YOU! GET OFF THE LAWN! ... It's under the Snow, jackass. Now get OFF! You know the rules!'

Analysis: It's Amazing how lemming-like most people are when ordered around. Even more amazing... how nearly all people THINK/BELIEVE as directed, when authority gets friends to comply first. Now, eat your vegetables. And get off the computer else fritter your life away as a BUM!

Observation: MS 'Spelling + Grammar (F7)' suggested that Tom correct his 'Thanx' to 'Thanks.' Tom's response was, 'NO, Thanx.'

© 2017 Thomas Dey - 1/8/17

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