Guessing this is important…

I've always, delightfully obsessed over metrics. Favorite game is to estimate something, then measure it. Like, oh... the outer diameter of this coffee mug... Hmmm... I'll guess 8.1 cm. Now the ruler; looks around 8.3. Now the calipers; 8.38 +/- 0.30, depending on where I measure it. Maybe that was lucky guess? Now the floor to ceiling span over there. I'll guess 9ft 8 in. Measure... 9ft 0 in (WAY off, overestimated). The volume of our pond, flow rate of our stream, lean of that tree, length of this screw, depth of snow, height of an airplane above ground, phase of this spot on the optical chopper [~80 deg?], my pulse rate, her bra size... Sometimes taking the measurement requires discretion and permission... and raises the pulse rate. See what does this accomplish? One eventually gets unusually good at estimating things, and learns conversion factors and (most importantly) immerses/connects in/with the environment. Well, this lady has asked me to breakfast with her. I estimate the bill will be around $25. Wait, it's 'her place' and on her. Did I overestimate? Here Tom works on another metric involving possibilities. But, as Heisenberg postulated... sometimes taking the measurement affects the outcome!

Tom... obsessed Tom

© 2016 Thomas Dey - 12/14/16

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