Easier than the Life of Riley...

My wife is gone overseas for two weeks and the burden of caring for the 4 dogs, 2 cats, laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. falls upon me. Executive summary: Housewives got it e-a-s-y EASY ! All these decades of how burdensome and valuable are her charwoman-like responsibilities is baloney, with a capital BS.

I'll be the 1st to admit that our kids are grown and gone, so I only need to change diapers on one of the dogs. And yet I find time left to mow the 4 acres of spring grass and fill a 20-yd dumpster with years of collected infomercial junk. And still extra time for exercise, socializing with the local Metrical for Lunch Bunch and watching Soap Operas while eating Bon-bons.

So let me tell you working guys: Even if your wife works a regular job, she should have plenty of time and energy for the traditional womanly chores around the house. After all, you do all the repairs, mowing, auto maint. and worrying. So clue her in on who really has it tough. If she gets snotty or even disagrees, just withhold sex for a week and she will come around.

Well, it's already 6pm and I haven't painted my toe nails yet. Guess I'll sign off and see what's on TV.

Tom - househusband

© 2013 Thomas Dey - 6/12/13

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