Born again democrats’ inevitable fate ...

You can say the same thing about trying crack “just to see what it feels like”: He should have known when he became a democrat --- it was just a matter of time.  It took less than a year for his gentlemanly Republican sensibility and demeanor to take the inexorable downward spiral to smarmy, entitled boyish democrat.


Sen. Specter (d-PA) finally demonstrated his pathetic degeneracy while losing a simple debate with Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-PA). He interrupted her for responding to his filibuster, accusing her of “not being a lady.”  BLAM – one foot shot off.  In stark contrast Michelle Bachman responded with class, “Why, I am a lady.”  He repeats the indiscretion, “Well then act like one.”  BLAM – other foot shot off – and  with it any hope for retention of his senate seat come election time.


All I can note is that the democrats have taken just one year to completely blow their gargantuan ascent to primacy.  Just a year!  And now comes the gnashing and inexorable downhill slide to a few more decades of irrelevance...leaving only fading echoes of their primal SCREAMS...Screams...screams...screams...screams


There’s a lesson in this – but they are very slow learners...

© 2010 Thomas Dey - 1/23/10

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