by Thomas Dey

# 1. 12/14/16 7:40 AM
My fathers first trade was carpentry. A lot of my early exposures to metrics came via him.

Editor's Note: Wood, that certainly would! Fascinating anisotropic material and all the tools and skills that shape it. Few people realize all the little tricks and adjustments, allowances for making it come out right. I do a lot of wood working... always buy at least 10% more material than "needed."

# 2. 12/14/16 8:49 AM by Jim - Rochester
One of the worst failings of the US was the failure to adopt the metric system. I still believe that eventually, this will come back to bite us.

I believe that we can redeem ourselves by leading the adoption of metric time. Mabe a smart astronomer could take the lead.

I rarely am an early adapter, but I would like a metric clock.

Editor's Note: I use both (and even others) because I was taught both and (as a scientist) really had to be very familiar. In the U.S. the great pain for building stuff was that oft specified in metric and then the shop machines were still all English. And even stranger units like "grads" (200 of these equals 360 degrees). I never thought it was a big deal, as long as one is explicit regarding the units! Right on the wall next to my drill press: conversions for drill fractions to decimals, screw gauge through and tap holes by % etc. etc. Another estimating exercise I do is to guess both English and Metric... so the conversions get to be more of a feel than calculator stuff. How many people know that there are exactly 25.4 mm in an inch? Level two difficulty: How many people know that prior to 1959 the number was 25.400051? Stuff like that obsesses me.

# 3. 12/14/16 9:25 AM by Rick G
My superpower is that I always know when a timer is about to go off. I can sense it, which means I can sense time that has elapsed. It's weird. I also know when the battery on the dog's collar is about to start blinking. I can nail that almost to the day. I'm also good at knowing how long it'll take to get ready or drive somewhere, which is in direct opposition to my wife who has no concept of timeliness.

That said, I'd rather be able to fly or turn invisible. Knowing how much time has elapsed is a really bad superpower.

Editor's Note: Every month I phone Strong and use an RF sensor/modem to transmit a data-dump from my pacemaker. One metric is the device's estimate of remaining battery life, literally = My life because I am totally pacemaker dependent. This one is going on year 8 and has 14 months (est.) left. When it gets down to the wire, they get me in and swap it for a new one. I have an old one on the shelf here... good conversation piece. Tom

# 4. 12/14/16 1:28 PM by 104
I still use the measurements of the original feet, cubits, and hands a lot. Also familiar with adjustments when you have to use a RCH. Speaking of pacemakers, I warned my mom that if she didn't treat me right me and my buddies would hack her pacemaker. We used to use a modem for adjustments, now the adjustments are totally remote without a phone. I am a screenwriter and in the middle of a mystery wherein the murder is committed by hacking a pacemaker. Also a mass terrorist attack hacking other stuff too!

Editor's Note: Good; fortunately, I'm unlikely to be on anyone's hit-list. I wish they would allow me to program mine myself, but nope. I'll be asking for the same technology next one. And maybe a spare to keep next to the aspirin. Tom

# 5. 12/14/16 1:45 PM by 104
We get alot of those perfume samples in the mail interleaved in the advertising pieces. I found a good use for them. I rip one in half and toss it into the kitchen garbage to deodorize. One day it's Chanel #5, Chloe, another White Diamonds, Gucci, Opium,on certain days it's those fag fragrances like Polo, Chaps, Bleu de Chanel, Burberry, Euphoria, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Dior Sauvage, L'Homme, Paco Rabanne, etc. Depending upon what mood I am in, of course.

Editor's Note: Peeeee YOU! I hate that free perfume crap. Reminds me of the Church Ladies back in the 1950s who smelled up the place like a whore house! Don't get me wrong; I have NOTHING whatsoever against whore houses. Visit hard; visit often; support the local economy. Tom

# 6. 12/14/16 8:54 PM by albert 1
The pages of Esquire used to be rhe worse.

Editor's Note: Yikes! There is something about perfume (including men’s' scents)... that bothers me. Even prevents me from sleeping. And some food smells. Boiling seaweed (my wife concocts that often) I can't stand... but have never mentioned it for... 45 years! Smells and tastes are so distinctive. Ever smell something and know it's familiar but can't place it? Tom

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