by Thomas Dey

# 1. 5/21/16 7:38 AM by albert1
thumbsup.gif cool Now let Tom out so he can adjust the reality dials again.

Editor's Note: Hi albert, I can't help but seriously wonder whether our dreams provide peeks into other realities. If so, indications are that the expansive menu might comprise more epicurean delights than horrors.

# 2. 5/22/16 6:46 AM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif The last line about the penny, made me wonder??

(A little more than usual, but never normal...)

Remember when in the old days of fuses, a blown fuse could be repaired, (made functional?) with a copper penny???

Dangerous, and rapid overheating of circuits, (fire) was a possibility...

Maybe that was why in 2001, HAL (IBM), didn't have???


Editor's Note: Hi little john. Yeah, a penny behind the fuse and return power to the circuit that blew the fuse. Not a good idea --- but I've done that often. Oh, 2001, I put 2010 (the sequel). I'll fix that, using this penny here. Tom

# 3. 5/23/16 2:21 PM by Moe
The best posts get the fewest comments! Grrr!

Editor's Note: Sigh --- yes?!

# 4. 5/23/16 3:18 PM by Moe
This story is very touching.

Editor's Note: Actually, I find it touching that you find it touching, Moe! I DO recall from the dream being VERY concerned that "Gracie" would have a chance to escape to freedom. And That reflects how I feel about our pets... Oreo wants out and then doesn't know what to do when she Gets out. So a couple minutes later she comes flying IN looking panicked and relieved! And Jay finally LOVES living here! Tommy

# 5. 5/23/16 4:13 PM by Moe
thumbsup.gif I keep reading this over and over because i love it so much.

Editor's Note: Thanks! PS Seems that in my dreams I am a very Nice Guy --- despite being an a-hole in Real Life... Tommy

# 6. 5/24/16 10:58 AM by 104
Makes much more sense than everything else on this site! We DO dream much more when we are well-rested! Yesterday I rested all day as I recuperated from a major health issue. And last night I slept real well after a whole week or two of bad sleep. And I had a very vivid dream about going out for dinner at what was supposed to be an exceptionally good fine dining restaurant which turned out to be the restaurant from HELL! Everything went wrong! So, in true Trump-style, I turned into the restaurant patron from HELL! (When they hit me, I gotta hit back!) As I woke up this morning I was laughing at the ridiculousness of the dream, but I really feel sorry for any real restaurants that I visit in the future that don't serve me properly! The dream was like my script for THAT screenplay or teleplay! I am READY, so watch out!

Editor's Note: On rare occasions, I wake up literally LAUGHING from something in a dream (usually not remembered). Dreams are interesting in that we apparently experience all the senses and emotions: panic, fear, humor, exhilaration, horniness, vivid colors, complexity, shapes, rage, compassion, sorrow, regret, loneliness, need to pee... BUT I can't say as I ever experience pain in a dream. I remember waking from one where I was supposed to be in pain - but also recall that it didn't hurt at all. Peculiar! Last dream I recall there was music playing and it was in 5/4 time signature. So I quickly repeated it when I awoke and YES it was 5/4 somewhat like the Mission Impossible with accents on 1, (2)And, 4, 5. Tom

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