by Thomas Dey

# 1. 2/16/16 10:35 AM by 104
TV journalism an absolute sewer. Viewers simply listen to drivel and succumb to airheads acting like experts. I actually get physically sick listening to just a few words of those clowns. Have to mute or even shut off. They definitely have a skewed agenda. 90% of what they present is fictitious or inappropriate or BOTH!

Editor's Note: Every now and then they get onto a topic that I actually know a lot about, like that aerospace stuff or most science things. And they always butcher is terribly. Yet they pirouette around like Fantasia Hippos. Fox’s Shepard Smith is especially egregious – thinks he’s smart, didactic but – dumb as a stump! Distorted self-image can be dangerous!

# 2. 2/16/16 11:16 AM by 104
They come across with an illusion of "smart" but times I have been in a newsroom the combined IQ of a dozen news persons had to be no more than 50. Ted Baxter on Mary Tyler Moore Show was a PERFECT EXAMPLE!

Editor's Note: At least Limbaugh and Lonsberry are a genius --- but that's radio. Peripherally related: I only put on makeup for sex, not TV.

# 3. 2/16/16 3:55 PM by amnesiac
i am working my way up to oral thermometer

Editor's Note: LAUGHING (aka LOL) OK, we are indeed amused. I remember way back when, my mom asked the pediatrician, "What if he bites off the tip?" Dr. Possin, "It will come out the other end."

# 4. 2/16/16 4:59 PM by Nick
C'mon Tom you knew what he meant. It's like saying "be the rain, not the umbrella" or "be the windshield not the bug", or "be the itch not the scratch", or....forget it, who knows what he meant....

Editor's Note: Ohhh YEAH!!! [Here Tom applies logical induction] Like ummm "Be the Dick, not the Ass?!"

# 5. 2/17/16 11:14 AM by Nick
Re #4: I just KNEW that would be your reply....

Editor's Note: Heh ... I (like you) enjoy saying things that will probably annoy someone, somewhere. Especially in this world of ever increasing hypersensitivity to hurt feelings, quivering lip, tearballs. An ever-increasing population of congratulated "We're All Winners! - NOT. Skill I honed 4 years in a Catholic all boys' High School and 4 years in the Navy. The number of times we called each other "a-hole" uncountable --- and bounced off like water off a Teflon Ducky’s back. Tom - hyper-desensitized Tom-Ass

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