by Thomas Dey

# 1. 7/21/14 8:32 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed your column. I will ruminate for a while, and reread to get the overwhelming content into sizable pieces to chew on in my riddled mind...

Editor's Note: Thanx for reading and response, little john. I got ruminating over the nature of reality and our places in it...and whether responsibility and actualization play their roles. To what extent do we create our destiny and to what extent are we victims or victors of fate?

# 2. 7/21/14 10:55 AM by Marilyn
Thought provoking for sure..thanks Tom

Editor's Note: Thanks for visiting, Marilyn! I'm waiting for someone to tell me to keep my oar out of their business...

# 3. 7/21/14 2:20 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
Ironic because just last week my wife and I were discussing our "selection", if you will, of one another. We've been happily married for 26 years and were discussing all the different men women come across and different women men come across. (in hetero relationships) Then we wondered how it is that people are able to choose ONE to marry. You're a math/science guy, what are the odds?

Editor's Note: I've often fanaticized over sampling a couple hundred and then choosing the best...maybe like Imelda Marcos and her shoes. I'm sure Hugh Hefner easily passed that and I actually know a couple who credibly have. The mathematical argument favors large numbers for statistical significance. Coincidentally, I'm initiating a study. Women may apply here. When the WOTL server gets overloaded and crashes...you can blame me. Probably sorting (but not posting) MY hits. I'm selfish that way... Ummmmm...maybe I'd better discuss this with my wife. Kinda like when I buy another telescope and hide it in the garage...telescopes are WAY too big for the sock drawer...

# 4. 7/21/14 8:05 PM by Rick G.
Regarding hiding telescopes in the sock drawer:

My biggest fear is that I'll die and my wife will sell my (fill in the blank) for what I told her I paid for it/them.

Editor's Note: Hah! I am preempting that by giving my son a manifest of my astro equipment, what site to sell it on and what reasonable used "priced to sell" values are. The net would be substantial indeed...like car(s) $ ... 1 or 2 very nice NEW cars! Ironically, I only bought one new car in my entire life...a Chevette!

# 5. 7/22/14 6:23 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif the best you can do is your best...

"Science can only go so far

in explaining fate and destiny.

Then, there is God..."

(whatever you choose him/her to be)

I think this is sort of from the script of the Movie, "The Notebook" about when all we learn is gone? What is left?

Editor's Note: I believe in a God of sorts...and believe we could eventually attain that state. But most traditional theists would still condemn me as a blasphemous atheist...because they're ignorant.

# 6. 7/22/14 3:35 PM by Moe
thumbsup.gif I love the sailing imagery! I cast some of Don's ashes into the wind at Angel Rocks a week ago. Me and his friends laughed all the way up trekking up the hill and back. When we first began sailing, Don was much more aware of the forces driving our craft than I was, although I learned. (It was second nature to him.) I remember him popping his head up from below when I was in the cockpit and asking "Where's the wind from" and I had to pause before I answered and he said "HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHERE THE WIND IS COMING FROM!?" Same reaction when I had to pause and figure out what way to put the tiller when backing up. Him: HOW can you not know? Me: WHY does it make you angry that I don't know? Him: Oh, yeah, why does it? I don't know . . " I think I have always tended toward the cork on the water world view; Don had an absolute belief in free will. Two sides of the same coin, yin/yang, matter and energy (see how lazy my logic is? Blame it on yin/yang!) Anyhow, great column, lots to think about, life goes on until it stops, (but we can still make our friends left behind laugh all the way to the top of the hill!)

Editor's Note: I knew you would appreciate the sailing metaphor metaphysics. And I AM serious regarding the time-line tree-pruning analogy as well. This leads to even more bizarre implications like that Don DOES happily persist along a parallel path...and paths that diverge eventually remerge! Maybe that's what ~heaven~ is all about. Hell - I'm still looking forward to seeing my departed pets again! Tommy

# 7. 7/22/14 4:44 PM by 104
It's all basically particles, waves, and codes.

Editor's Note: Yeah...that's true. In fact, it has been further proven mathematically that everything there is can be reduced to pure information; and yet further, that any set of information can be ordered into a 1-dimensional discrete string of 0s and 1s. (One shows that N dimensions can be projected onto N-1 dimensions and hence, by induction, onto a finite subset of the infinite set of positive integers...AKA an ordered string of 0s and 1s.) And THAT implies that we are equivalent (in the STRONG sense) to a program running on a computer. And strong equivalence is the identity operator. My only extension upon that is the consciousness part - I claim (without proof) that particles interact as they do because they WANT to. And that is where consciousness comes from. If the parent set of all that is...is itself infinite...then remove the words "a finite subset of."

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