by Thomas Dey

# 1. 10/16/13 2:27 AM by albert 1
It looks like your main objective is to improve the enjoyment of your hobby. Some seem to set themselves up a businesspeople where the main objective then becomes to maximize profit regardless of other consideration.

When I sell guns or knives I employ a broker who does the dealing which gives me a little less when commissions are considered.

One of the best I have encountered is our own David Zajbda.

He has sold Knives for me and bought used books giving me a very fair price I would have needed a lot of time and inside knowledge of the book trade to match.

Have you by your knowledge of the trade really become a semi-pro businessman rather than just another hobbyist with some surplus equipment?

You claim a large ego. Does it consider your hobby coming first or does it attempt to maximize profits as a seperate pastime.

Balancing both seems trickey but if you get good at it I can see the added pleasure of two hobbies rather than one.

Editor's Note: For me it's the enjoyment of the hobby and a bit of community service. I enthusiastically agree with your engaging a seasoned dealer in transactions.

# 2. 10/16/13 2:45 AM by Zjabs
Dicker? You broughter, you dicker.

Editor's Note: Man can not dicker on bread alone. Well, actually he CAN - but it just seems a bit obscene.

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