by Thomas Dey

# 1. 10/14/13 12:14 AM by Albert 1
thumbsup.gif Time lapse photography of plants ad credence to this column. Life is life, no matter how simple or complex. I don't know if electromagnetic radiation has ever been detected from plants.

Most of what you have mentioned is carbon based, The silicon based possibilities fascinate me.

Editor's Note: Hi Albert, glad to see you burning the midnight oil! I indeed have seen those fascinating time-lapse videos of plants. And decades ago physiologists did experiments "confirming" that tomatoes can experience pain or some such. And I'll bet a "stressed" tree really feels that way...just slowly? Silicon is interesting but not as varied as carbon in its compounds. I often imagine creatures that can exist e.g. only in the interior of stars or the near void of space. They would be SO different, we might look right through them, completely ignorant of their existence. I even wonder if the Universe is living and created ItSelf...we of course being part of the whole. If so - that could go a long way in explaining the What, Why, Who posed by philosophers.

# 2. 10/15/13 1:13 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
There are times I want to marry my cat. She's pretty, she's young, she's quiet, she doesn't hog the bathroom, she doesn't bug me to take her out to dinner, she doesn't buy purses and shoes every week, and she doesn't mind my snoring.

Editor's Note: All good things - but look out for those nails. Our giant Maine Coon Cat climbs under my covers, does a U-turn and sticks his head out...sleeping like a human. Our relationship is platonic, of course - although he IS openly gay.

# 3. 10/16/13 12:03 PM by Nick
This cat is so wonderful she actually purrs while I'm trimming her nails. Because I start work at 2:30 a.m. I typically go to bed at 8 p.m. and my wife joins me later. The cat follows me to bed almost every night and sleeps in my wife's spot. Then when my wife attempts to join me, sometimes the cat won't budge. My wife calls her a slut yet the cat has never called my wife a slut.

Editor's Note: I find if I put ANY extra layer on the bed - like even a face towel - the cats will sleep on that. Like "The Princess and the Pea." Once they warm up a spot they can be extraordinarily reluctant to budge. I DO like their attitude, "When in doubt; take a nap." Mine has morphed into something like that in retirement: "When in doubt; eat too much, take a nap." At the rate I'm going, the EMTs will have to chain saw an opening to the outside world and forklift me onto a Flat Bed. Look for that in the TV News "human interest" vignette in a couple of years: Springwater Glutton Extracted From Home.

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