by Thomas Dey

# 1. 6/11/13 6:09 PM by Rick G.
It all sounds easy but as they always say - yeah, but try it in heels.

Glad to see you're settling into retirement.

Editor's Note: Hi Rick G., Heels, heels... My feet are size 11+. But I'm sure there must be a store at the mall that specializes. I gota look into this. I'll get the heels and then attend Charm School. Goal will be to walk around in heels balancing a book on my head. Yeah THAT head. I'm sure that will draw a lot of attention and admiration.

# 2. 6/12/13 1:30 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
Sorry ladies, but housework is NOT hard. In addition to my full-time job I do all of the outdoor work, plus every night set the dinner table, prep and cook (part of the) dinner, clean the bathroom, do the laundry, clean the cat box, sweep the floors, grocery shop, and leave WOTL comments that will agitate a lot of females.

Editor's Note: Cool! I actually did the sweeping and litter boxed every single day for years (when I was working) and still do. Why? Because my wife said those are disgusting jobs. Let me check to see if I am wearing pants... Yeah - and they're clean 'cause I washed them...

# 3. 6/13/13 12:09 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
Notice how you're writing all of these things while your wife is overseas. My wife's home every night but doesn't read this site.

Editor's Note: I don't think my wife ever reads WOTL. I'm big into astronomy and I think she may have looked into a telescope maybe once. She's into needlepoint and I rarely point a needle at anyone. Oh yeah! Another peeve of mine: wife drops needles all over the floor. I find them when walking around in socks. One penetrated my big toe and emerged from the little toe on the other foot 6 months later. Or maybe I just changed socks...? 50:50.

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