by Thomas Dey

# 1. 3/1/12 7:21 AM by deep water - Lake Oneipeein
god one Tom. I wonder what it would be like to meet your double, if one exist. I met my moms double several years ago in Waikiki, it was so uncanny, that the misses took a picture of us together, and most of the family agrees.

Editor's Note: Genteic! There was a book in my parent's basement - a medical book. Title was "Mental Retardation Syndromes." And they had group oictures of people with the same physical and mental flaws - group pictures. They all looked like identical tuplets! That probably applies for "normal" (?) people like us... Somewhere there is another me... Tom

# 2. 3/1/12 8:26 AM by Rick G.
I met my father-in-law's doppelganger at a car dealership. I mean, he was eerily perfect. I've never met my own twin, in dreams or in real life.

FYI - The January National Geographic had a great article on twins.

Editor's Note: Twins are interesting; identical twins are fascinating and of course subjects of myriad morphological, physiological and genetic studies. Identicals are truly as same as clones. Genteically as identical as it gets. Yet they still are not exactly the same. I always wished there was another "me" who I coulod send to work, etc. --- while I would relax at home watching TV and eating ice cream. Come to think of it --- I have just described my marital relationship --- I'm the guy who gets up at 4 a.m. and drags into work...

# 3. 3/1/12 11:06 AM by Moe
thumbsup.gif Hi Tommy!

Very cool dream and appropriately eerie rendition. Of course I love reading about the old neighborhood. Do you remember one Sunday morning when a large dead animal, like a woodchuck, surfaced in the Big Park? It really was a rural oasis in the city!

Last night I dreamed that me and some of my Fairbanks friends were trying to meet up w/ Don, who kept eluding us. We talked w/ him via cell phone, and he had just left the Sam's Club snack bar/pizza area before we got there. It wasn't a sad dream, more like a Three Stooges atmosphere- with a definite certainty that we would eventually meet up w/ him . . . :)


Editor's Note: Well Moe - I'm sure you will eventually meet up and maybe the vagaries of this bizarre existence will somehow make sense. I believe past, present and future are somehow blended and eventually we will be released from this "dragging through time" illusion. But making the moest of the hands we're dealt seems to be the moral imperative. The people who I admire the moest are those who do that with little complaint --- and help others just by being nice. And that includes the "non-human people" our animal friends. I actually feel guilty about killing those pesky mice just doing their thing. And I just wouldn't have the heart to shoot a deer, even though I suck down hamburgers like a voracious omnivore. Go figure...

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