by Thomas Dey

# 1. 1/22/10 9:34 AM by Eric - Rochester, NY
I'm from Pennsylvania and I've been familiar with Specter all my life. My mother was active in politics, so I've always been exposed.

I never really liked the guy. He's a carpetbagger's carpetbagger. He has changed sides enough times that I can't see how anyone would take him seriously.

The sooner he leaves politics, the better. As it is, he's trailing Pat Toomey by 9 points or more. This should send those numbers into double-digits.

Editor's Note: I'll bet it does! Like I commented in your column - he's feeling his political mortality and responds by lashing out at anything he hates...which apparently includes uppity WOMEN? What an old coot dope!

# 2. 1/22/10 11:32 AM by Pete Lounsbury
thumbsup.gif All they ever had was an illusion. Now the illusion has been exposed and they are losing their collective minds. It's what happens when you believe lies and then find out the truth.

Editor's Note: Yeah - here trying not to be partisan or gloat the conclusion is the same. They are having a massive seizure/tantrum and lashing out at everything in sight - including each other. When someone gets like that all you can do is stuff a wash cloth between their teeth and wait for the spasms to subside. Eventually they come to, "Seizure, what seizure...I'm fine!" That denial will be their downfall. The DTs upon withdrawal of power...pretty ugly and pathetic. Crap - I've slipped back into gloating...Ahhhhhh :-) like letting loose a good fart...

# 3. 1/22/10 5:19 PM by albert 1
Bachman makes Beck seem like a moderate in comparison.

Editor's Note: Hi albert. I'm actually watching Glenn right now --- graphic video of murderous purges by progressive dictators: Guevara ~7 million, Stalin ~20 mil, Mao revised up to probable ~77m ... all their own people! Glenn's thesis: Any government that becomes too strong becomes a curse upon its own people. Beck railed against Bush as he does Obama - He's a visionary. Bachman will help prevent this from happening to us.

# 4. 1/22/10 5:59 PM by Peter Lounsbury
Speaking of good farts...

Editor's Note: OK I see the video link - lets see what happens! Oh yeah - I remember that one - really cool. Thanks for sharing. Too bad "smell-a-vision" never caught on. I had to handle my own special affects on this end.

# 5. 1/23/10 8:18 AM
F.G.--"Stupid is, as stupid does."

"Politics is like a box of chocolates left out in the sun too long. It may be sweet but it looks like ---- to me."


Thanx John

Editor's Note: Politicians do seem to get really pathetic with age. Like a wine bottle with a bad cork - putrid combination of bitter, sour, failed...

# 6. 1/23/10 9:22 AM by albert 1
Beck may be a visionary if defined as seeing what is wrong like he did prior to the 08 election but the way he presents it oftentimes can involve reasoning I would not agree with of appealing to negative emotions like fear.

Although I don't remember the examples that have been reported of Bachman's actions I do recall them as being both ignorant and illogical.

I Am in agreement that a government can become dangerous if too large when it begins to act in its own interests rather than it's founders purpose.

I do think a big government can be effective and serve its people (economy of scale) when it allows input from the grass roots in spite of its size.

Top down oligarchies do not do this.

If by progressivism you mean something different than favoring progress then its dictionary time. Could be interesting, and is where I Am headed when I send this comment.

I fear that some are morphing the meaning of "progressive" like Neocons did with "conserve".

Editor's Note: Beck uses "progressive" in the context of the historical (self-coined) progressives. Today Obama, Mrs. Clinton and many (most?) others in the cabinet similarly embrace that moniker and admiration of said heritage. So Beck went back to see what their heroes actually did...and it ain't pretty!

# 7. 1/23/10 9:33 AM by albert 1
Hi again Tom,

I just checked with Oxford and found nothing negative in its description of "progressive" even wnen used as a political descriptive.

Possibly the use of "liberal" in defining that then has its' own support when staying with the dictionary's interpretation might need disambiguation..

Of course I can agree that some claiming to be either liberal or progressive as per the dictionary are not.

Editor's Note: I myself ALWAYS assume the dictionary definition(s). If nuanced and significant I clarify. But if harmless or (attempted) humorous...I may allow ambiguity. Beck went to great lengths to define progressives before slamming them.

# 8. 1/23/10 11:31 AM by Eric - Rochester, NY
Albert said: "Bachman makes Beck seem like a moderate in comparison."

First, does Bachmann's degree of conservatism excuse Specter for his comments? Second, what relevance does Beck have in this particular conversation?

Specter made a series of sexist comments to a woman (Bachmann). When you come right down to it, neither Bachmann's nor Specters political views really have anything to do with it. The central issue is whether or not what Specter said is offensive to women. That's it.

Editor's Note: Yeah - that was my take. Imagine a Republican saying that to Pelosi, Boxer, Hillary Clinton! - YIKES! Inevitable conclusion: It's OK, even laudable for a democrat to make sexist remarks and put-downs provided the target is a Republican or Conservative woman...just call her "girl" as the old southern democrats used to call black men "boy."

# 9. 1/23/10 1:00 PM by Peter Lounsbury
Did you feel it? I felt it :)

Editor's Note: Well - I sure felt the distinct schadenfreude of watching Specter tap dance. But the bizarre context was he was dodging his OWN bullets. The usual caricature is in the old westerns where the guys in black hats make the town wino dance for a bottle of whiskey. Specter is doing it to himself! And like they say...when that happens just stand back and enjoy the show of self-destruction. That seems to have infected the entire democrat party...but the Republicans aren't far behind. I have little regard for either one. I'm an equal-opportunity put-off. The damned RNC just sent my wife a "bill" to retain her good standing, those snakes. We quit the Republicans over a year ago and they just won't stop pestering us for cash. Currently our balance of power seems to be equal crooks vs crooks. I plan to write a column with an image of the "bill" that the RNC sent to my wife.

# 10. 1/24/10 10:36 PM by Moe

This post got me to thinking about The Temptations hit, "Treat Her Like A Lady." I always liked the song but felt ambiguous about the words/message. Also I didn't understand all the sung words. Now we can google lyrics to just about anything. Somehow I thought I heard the last line as "Cuz if you treat her like a woman, she'll get the better of you." Well, I googled it, and no such lyrics. All in my head.

I've found google to be a great resource for finally getting the words to fuzzy rock n roll songs, and also lots of songs that lingered in my brain as far off remnants. For example, so nice to find all the words to Harry Belafonte's "Kingston Market"!

Editor's Note: "Come, we go down to Kingston Market...?" Min bought that and played it a lot. What happened to his voice? Is it just age or some disease?

# 11. 1/25/10 5:23 AM by Moe
That's the song! Here's one of the verses:

Get your tamarind and sour sop, Mangoes and casaba, Bread fruit okra pigeon peas, Curry goat and guava

I really loved that verse, which I vaguely remembered, altho' not all of it- as a kid, it made me want to travel to places like that. And now I do! And have enjoyed tamarind, sour sop, mangoes, bread fruit and even curry goat from markets in Africa and Trinidad.

I didn't know he had a voice problem.

Min also liked the song "Mary Anne" (All day, all night, Mary Anne. Down by the sea-side sit in sand..."

Editor's Note: Oh yeah...she surly loved it! I also remember that Kingston Market had a major key Samba-rhythmic that felt like happily riding up & down ocean swells in a small boat --- or at lest that's the way I imagined it.

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