Plural is Singular

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I'm a schizophrenic

And so am I

So what the hell is a couple of weird guys like us doing in a nice place like this.

As usual, we are trying to make something out of nothing and then make a big deal out of that something while preserving its basic obscurity so it won't escape and wreak the havoc it usually does when the recluse becomes a wreck on the loose.

We offer proof that plural is singular as we try to discover what we've never possessed and try to rediscover what we possessed and lost while hoping this is the last place that we will have to look.

We come to this place for what fills the space rather than for the blank space that is this place before we begin to fill it.

Somebody built it so we come like pilgrims minus our Mayflowers.

We come to this place to forgive as the hyacinth leaves its gift of fragrance on the heel that crushes it.

We're here because we're on vacation between infinities and yesterday we came out of sedation.

We're here for the beer, the ballgames, the movies and for everything except a paycheck because we're here for the art.

I and Me

and Thornton too when the time was right.

We're here because faith has revealed to us that we still have a job to do and this place is part of that job.

Stop in and watch us work.

You'll laugh.

You'll cry.

You'll learn and as you learn, you teach and all teaching is about forgiveness.

Just remember, all generalizations are false including the last two which causes a contradiction which means one of them may be true in spite of itself or this whole place is one beautiful paradox or two.

© 2017 Thornton Krell - 3/19/17

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