Ready to Go Back

I'm back.

I'm reborn.

I haven't taken a 'nap' in a week.

I've re-hired myself and I have work to do.

Lots of work. I have purpose.

I am a student again, learning for the first time how to study.

I am happy with my life yet very aware that the clock is ticking.

The Fatigue has either played itself out or been conquered. I don't care which. I wouldn't be sitting here typing if it were still hovering and pounding me into disinterest and darkness.

I've heard it said that recovery takes about a year although that time frame differs from person to person.

Sometimes it never happens.

Thornton Krell didn't make it.

A year has passed.

I'm a survivor.

My name is Jerry Ryan. Once upon a time, I was Thornton Krell.

I prefer Jerry Ryan. I love my name. Check it out. I can type it JERry RYan or jerRY ryAN. It works either way. Call me JR.

Time to tell a story.

Get ready to go back in time.

© 2017 Thornton Krell - 3/18/17

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