Two Minute Warning

Super Bowl XI

Six minutes left in the game.

Raiders lead Vikings 26-7.

Vikings have the ball on the Raider 28.

First down.

Tarkenton fades back.

Sammy White is in the flat.

Fran throws to Sammy.

Willie Brown steps in front of Sammy White, intercepts the pass and runs 75 yards untouched down the sideline.

Game over.

Put out the fire and call in the dogs.

Afterwards Willie Brown observed. "The way the Vikings had done things in the past, it was like reading an open book. I just faked like I was going one way and went the other because I knew the play was coming"

Like reading an open book okkay.

Is there any other kind of book to read.

Is it possible, without being a Kryptonian, to read a closed book?

Of course there is always the possibility of ignoring an open book.

Not reading it when it's sitting right there.


No Interception.

No touchdown.

No memory.

Then there's always the ever popular not reading a closed book.

I look over at my bookshelf and see that prevalent condition.

The books are there.

I've read them.

Still, in a form of literary lepidoptery I keep them closed on the shelf, in case I ever need to autopsy them.

Here at WOTL the books are open as long as the writer is on the loose and paying his dues.

When the membership ends, the books close.

The books are entombed.

Someone has the key but it's not the writer or the readers of the writer.

Any autopsies have to be done before the books are entombed.

Once again, my membership is running up.

If past is prologue then I'll be back but one never knows.

For now, the book is open but it's fourth down and the clock has stopped ticking for a moment.

This is the two minute warning.

© 2011 Thornton Krell - 1/17/11

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