What thinking looks like

This is just an idea.

No, that wasn't an idea, that was a thought, if that.

This is just an idea is a sentence. A sentence is a group of words containing a subject and verb that states a complete thought. An idea is more complex than a thought. An idea is a paragraph. An ideas is a series of sentences that constitute one idea. This for example, is an idea.

This is an idea is not an idea.

Here's a thought.

Isn't it intersting to see what a thought looks like and how different a thought appears from an idea. Many of us like to think, which means we like to have thoughts which means we like writing sentences in our mind and every so often those sentences become paragraphs and then they become ideas.Every once in a while a bunch of those ideas come together and they become an intention. That intention becomes irresistible and becomes an action which starts a chain reaction that leads to a conclusion which leads to oanothr thought, another idea a another intention and further action until a destination is reached and what is destination if not a fancy word for destiny.

Thus our destiny begins with a thought and our thought is a sentence and the sentence is made up of words and the words that we choose use to construct our sentences constitue our particular vocabularies thus vocabulary is destiny so if we want to change our destiny and if we aren't careful about punctuation and don't care about run ons and are skillful with relative pronouns and subordinate conjunctions then what looks like an idea is actually only a thought like this about thus our destiny.

Pardon me if I've become a little philosophical. I just found out that I've transformed into a Sagitarius and that's taken years off my life.

That's a thought.

© 2011 Thornton Krell - 1/17/11

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