Titanic Pride

Perhaps Gabrielle Giffords' promising recovery is in more peril than I thought.

One of her doctors, Dr. Peter Rhee said that "she has a 101 percent chance of surviving. She will not die. She does not have that permission from me."

Last time I heard this kind of confidence was shortly before the iceberg attacked the Titanic.

Nobody has a 101 percent chance of surviving.

Even as I type these words, with only a figurative rather than a literal bullet through my brain, I figure that the odds of my completing this article and surviving are in the ninety nine point nine eight percentage group.

I could go at any second.

So could you.

If we both finish this article, me writing it and you reading it, we should momentarily rejoice that no iceberg was floating thorugh our cardiovascular system looking to explode the heart of the matter.

Dang, this article is more than half way done and I'm not dead yet.

Thank God.

I guess I'm left with thanking God as Dr. Rhee isn't around denying me permission to die even if the so far non materialized iceberg did tresspass against me.

Since Dr. Rhee can protect people from death, maybe he can reverse his power and take away his permission for people to live.

Think of the money we could save on capital punishment and the trial of the nut who shot Giffords.

C'mon Dr. Rhee...I got another guy for ya. He lives in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Take away your permission for him to live. I'll give you a week. If you can't get 'er done.....we'll just have to take your doctorate away...you will no longer be called Dr. Rhee.

You will be relegated to Mr.Rhee, like death itself.

Okay we made it.

At least I made it.

I can't be sure that everybody who reads this for as long as it survives will survive the reading. Maybe on my death bed, if I have the time, I'll ask somebody to bring me a copy of this article so that I can read it over and over until I pass away.

Who knows, maybe the reading of the article will keep me alive.

I'm alive now aren't I?

Or am I just imagining life.

That's the real Mr. Rhee, Doctor.

So in the meantime,

rave on everyone


© 2011 Thornton Krell - 1/15/11

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