one one one one conundrum

Yes today numerically is one one one one.

I am having artistic differences with someone and I don't want the conflict to persist and derail opportunity.

I know I'm right but I'm getting push back.

We have to pick our battles.

Time is of the essence.

What to do?

Take the short cut.

Check the horoscope.

And the horoscope for a Capricorn on one one one one reads..."Of course you would prefer to get your own way. However, you may decide to defer to someone else's will in the short term in order to hold out for future personal gain"

Seems like the answer is clear...defer to another's will and believe me, the other will is strong and loaded with adrenaline.

But here's the conundrum...the other will is also Capricornian and therefore according to the horoscope that will should decide to defer to MY will in the short term etc. bla...bla... bla.

Could it be that my will is also adrenal and robust?

Who me?

I think this is a conundrum that can be bounced back and forth forever or at least until the opportunity passes and staus quo triumphs.

But since I'm the one who read the horoscope, maybe it applies only to me unless I decide to share it with my opponent/obstacle/fellow Capricorn.

Ya know what...

I'm going to choose humility.

Humility ain't bad stategy as long as it ain't humilating.

If we all had a little more humility perhaps there wouldn't be as much humiliation in this world and maybe a few less point blank brain shots.

Maybe a few months later we can look back at this date and see it as a won won situation.

© 2011 Thornton Krell - 1/12/11

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