Fifty Two years between Frankies

My life changed in 1958.

I was a kid.

Clarabell had said goodbye.

Elvis had said hello.

Davey Crockett had died at the Alamo.

I had never heard an electric guitar.

Then a rock and roll show came through town into our sparkling new War Memorial.

Clyde McPhatter, The Elegants, Jimmy Clanton, Johnny Tillotson, the Olympics, the Danleers, the Coasters, Dion and the Belmonts

I was sitting in the third row.

I was changing fast.

Then Bobby Darrin came out

Splish Splash

Queen of the Hop

More change for me, contractions coming quicker and each more intense

Then Duane Eddy



Rebel Rouser

Twangy, super amplified twangy guitar.

In some ways, I lost my virginity right there.

Then Buddy holly and the Crickets

Oh Boy

More guitar

every day

Peggy Sue

And the last act

The star of stars

The teen idol

The heart throb

Frankie Avalon.

I wasn't even a teenager yet but I found a teenage girl sitting on my lap calling me "honey" and screaming "Frankie".

Dee Dee Dinah



When I left that night, I was an authentic rock and roller...not just a kid anymore.

I still am and clearly am not.

Last week, I went to Seneca Casino and saw Frankie Avalon once again.

Frankie is seventy now.

He has eight kids.

Phil Everley's son is the lead guitarist in Frankie's touring band.

Frankie's forty seven year old son is the drummer and he is damned good at it

Frankie looked like a happy man.

From what I'm told, so did I.

And so, at last I am.

Today anyways.

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 12/17/10

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