Tryin' to Unnerstan' Afghanistan an' Pakistan

Do I got dis right?

India hates Pakistan.

Pakistan hates India.

They both have nukes.

We like India.

We kinda like Pakistan.

We send billions to Pakistan so I guess we kinda like them.

Bin Laden is in Pakistan.

Al Quaeda is in Pakistan.

There is an area in Pakistan where al quaeda is free to roam in which they have governement protection.

Taliban is in Afghanistan.

Taliban and Al Quaeda are two different things.

Karzai is the big shot in Afghanistan.

Karzai smokes a lot of pot.

Afghanistan likes India more than it like Pakistan.

Because Pakistan hates India, Pakistan is sort of pissed off at Afghanistan and Karzai.

Karzai is opposed by the Taliban.

Because Pakistan is sort of pissed at karzai because they feel Afghanistan likes India more than it like Pakistan and since Pakistan hates India, it might be a good idea for Pakistan to hedge bets and offer a little support to the Taliaban and to Al Quaeda both of whom the U.S is spending billions to defeat or degrade in Afghanistan.

We send millions of aid to Afghanistan but since there is so much corruption in Afghanistan, a large percentage of the aid we send to Afghanistan falls into the hands of the taliban, who we are sending the aid to defeat or degrade and they are using that money to defeat or degrade us.

Pakistan is a much bigger threat to our national security than is Afghnaistan.

Al Quaeda wants to kill all of us Americans.

The Taliban just wants us the hell out of Afghanistan.

Kharzai wants us out of Afghanistan.

Or at least stop killing Taliban leaders in raids.

Do I got dis right so far?

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 11/18/10

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