Another Fart in another Whirlpool

I wrote this letter to Sports Illustrated immediately. That was three days ago. Today I got the email notice of a delivery failure which means this letter will never be seen by the millions who read Sports Illustrated each week but rather by the dozens who read Thornton Krell here at WOTL.

As an obscure artist, this doesn't bother me but as a fan of Don Larsen, I'm pretty upset.

Like thousands of guys my age, we share a collective memory of the perfect game that Don Larsen threw against the Dodgers in the 56 World Series.

Back in those days, the October classic was truly a national event which means it was also a local event. Running home from school, It seemed as if every household was listening to or watching the game. Many were doing both. Everybody would yell out updates to kids like me who were hustling home.

I knew Don had a perfect game going by the time I got home and I was electrified to see him finish that game on the teevee inour living room.

I'll never forget Yogi jumping into Don's arms. The beginning of my childhood ended that day. Soon I would be ten years old.

A golden moment... a sacred moment.

New York Yankees versus Brooklyn Dodgers.

Mickey versus the Duke.



Pee Wee

Sal the Barber




Many years later, The Giants are no longer in New York and they win the Series representing San Francisco. I look forward to reading the Sports Illustrated version of the series.To me, the World Series article is one of the three biggest articles SI will run each year. The other two are the Kentucky Derby and the Super Bowl.

You send your best writers to cover thjose events and their output is the litmus test forthe magazine.

SI used Tom Verducci. Verducci is widely respected although I don't like the guy based on his book about Joe Torre and Torre's Yankee years which made everybody look bad.

Anywyas, Verducci rhapsodizes appropriately about the San Francisco starting pitchers and how youthful and promising they are.

He compares them to the starting staff of the 56 Yankkees as the last time so many "home grown" pitchers started in a world series.

At that point Verducci swerved way off the road.

I wrote the following letter and e-mailed it immediately to SI:

I realize that nobody's perfect but Tom Verducci's claim in the 11/8 SI article entitled "Giant Moment" that the Giants had the most home grown starters since 1956 when the Yankees started Whitey Ford, "Dan" Larsen, Tom Sturdivant, Bob Turley and Johnny Kucks has at least three errors . Turley and Larsen were not Yankee home grown unless we're counting the St Louis Browns and the Baltimore Orioles as Bomber farm teams. Turley and Larsen came to the Yankees in the same eighteen player trade with the Orioles in 1954. It's a Bucknerish error by Tom Verducci and no errors are allowed in a perfect game which Don (not Dan) Larsen pitched in game five of the fifty six World Series.

Today I got the notification that my letter had not been received.

Just another fart in another whirlpool.

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 11/11/10

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