The Ghost of Bobby Thomson

"I" met Bobby Thomson twenty years ago. Of course, I knew about him but I was surprised/flattered to know that he knew about me. How Bobby knew about me is another story for another time.

He seemed to be as eager to have his picture taken with me As I was eager to have my picture taken with him.

Beatrice snapped us.

I don't know what he did with his picture of the two of us shaking hands.

I know what I did with mine.

I blew it up and framed it. It's located above my printer and I'm looking at it right now. It's also above a framed picture of Scott Norwood at the moment of impact, when his kick had not gone wide right yet.

When the air was full of hope....

I look at these two pictures every day of my life.

Kitty corner to these pictures is another picture, this one signed by Bobby. It is the famous picture of Bobby's home run that enabled Russ Thompson to scream "the Giants win the pennant...the Giants win the pennant"

This photo also has the dotted line tracing the trajectory of the Coogan's Bluff blast.

On the photo Bobby wrote:

Thornton and Beatrice

Go the Distance

With My Best Wishes

Bobby Thomson.

Ralph Branca is still following through with his pitch even as Bobby is following through with his swing. The whole scene is in glorious black and white.

The picture is eerily similar to the trajectory and follow through of Edgar Renteria last night when he hit his momentous three run dinger off Cliff Lee.

Lee followed through as well but from the southpaw side wheras Branca threw righthanded.

I'm sure Bobby enjoyed the moment even though he shuffled off the mortal coil earlier this baseball season when it was nearly unimaginable that the Giants would win their first championship since 1954.

Perhaps Bobby Thomson died for their wins.

And then lent a hand from above.

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 11/4/10

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