Ladies, don't expect a massage from a misogynist

Much as we thank God for Aristotle, dude had some serious gender issues. In his most basic definiton, he defined woman as inferior man.

When a man decided to breed with a woman, there was only one truly natural result and that result was a son who looked like the father.

And then follows a hierarchy of the unnatural results.

Unnatural... a son who looks like the mother

More unnatural....a daughter who looks like the father

Most unnatural....a daughter who looks like the mother.

I began as a natural....looking a lot like my father but since then Beatrice and I must have engaged in some most unnatural sexual activites because the result was Lydia, a daughter who looks just like her mother.

I can barely imagine the level of kinkiness that occurred to result in triplet girls all looking like the mother.

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 10/25/10

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