Bored Again Christian

It's simple really, if you are are thinking too much about yourself.

Are you bored now at this very instant. Probably not because you are reading this.

If you're not bored now (right now), congratulations, you're not over thinking on yourself.

Some part of you is thinking about me or at least thinking about what I'm thinking about you or what i am imagining that I am typing about myself thinking about you thinking about me.

If you find me to be boring it's either because you were bored to begin with or you started thinking about me to relieve some of the overthinking that you were doing about yourself and you discovered that I was thinking too much about myself which caused you to stop thinking about me and begin, once again, to start concentrating on thinking about yourself until, presto, you are overthinking about yourself.....bored again and probably not even getting this far into the words that I imagine I am typing right at this instant.

To clarify....

Bored again means you were thinking too much about yourself, then you started to think about someone else who was thinking too much about themselves which caused you to overthink about yourself

and every once in awhile that process takes place in a church of somekind during a lecture or sermon or whatever and if the church is a Christian church of any denomination then at that very juncture you have become a bored again Christian

at which point I humbly suggest you start thinking about God who is too self-realized to be thinking about him/her/itself and who will be happy to do all the thinking about you that needs to be done and will think of you all the time once you stop thinking too much about yourself.

Your boredom will disappear immediately and you won't even know it's gone because you'll have so much hope to think about taht you won't be able to think about yourself long enough to realize that your thinking about yourself has actually disappeared.

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 10/22/10

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