solipsistic lipstick

Do you guys understand the concept of solipsistm? Of course you don't because you are just figments of my imagination and since I don't imagine you understanding solipsistm, you do not understand it.

I know that you don't understand it because I don't understand it even though at this instant my mind is telling me that I do understand it because I'm writing about it and that writing is coming from my mind or is perhaps only my mind imagining that I am typing this right now to an audience of readers that my mind is imagining will read this and not understand it because the readers, like the writer himself doesn't really understand the concept of solipsism or else he would understand that he himself is not writing this and you yourselves are not reading it.

So my mind now imagines me creating a product called solipsistic lipstick and writing about that creation which will be worn by both imaginary men and imaginary women to remind themselves that whenver they wear it that not only doesn't the lipstick exist but neither do they unless I, who also don't exist, am being pictured by my mind as writing about their adventures which will never be read by anyone except my mind unless my mind imagines myself or you reading about the lipstick and thanking God that none of this exists that's me, you, the lipstick and God him/herself.

Any questions?

Of course not.

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 10/20/10

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