Al Pacino at RIT

I'm going to see Al Pacino when he appears at RIT tomorrow. All I know is that Al will be interviewed by Jack Garner and then will put on "some type of performance'.

Some type of performance hmmmm

I hope he invents Ricky Shylock a blind Jewish demon who infiltrates the mid-fifties mob and gets the hot leads for the housing project being built in Las Vegas by a bunch of rogue cops and transvestites who are blackmailing the pope into getting an assisted suicide but because of time travel they can only assist the suicide of Pope John Paul in order to ensure that the 1968 encylical will enrage Catholics and forever diminish the infallibility of the pope and promote suspicion within the priesthood until co-stars Duvall and Deniro show up and force Dianne Keaton to have sex with Neo in order to frustrate Jack Nicholson and disable the Matrix.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 10/16/10

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